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Romanian HetaloidX!Insecure!Chunky Reader Ch.1
“…The hell?” You felt your brow twitch as you stared into the empty crate where your Hetaloid was supposed to be.
“If this is a repeat for last year (Friend 2), I will kill you.” You turned towards (Friend 2) who had a brow raised and had their head tilted to the side.
“Uhh… (Name), we’re totally confused too.” (Friend 1) said as they scratched their head and awkwardly laughed.
You sighed as you walked over to the empty crate and ripped off an envelope that was labeled ‘instructions’ and tore open the envelope and pulled out a small black booklet.
“Well, maybe this can give us some answers.” You said this as you started to flip through said book.
You felt your brow twitch again as you read the answer to your question.
‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me..right?’ You took a deep a breath and turned around to be greeted by none other than your Hetaloid.
It was beautiful too. It looked like
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 283 103
Prussian HetaloidX!Insecure!Chunky Reader - Ch.1
“Ahhh, yellow fluff!!” You freaked out and dropped the crowbar you just used to pry open the wooden box with as a yellow ball of fluff flew out of the box and landed right on your head.
“Umm…I think it likes you (Your name).” (Friend 2) said sticking their tongue out at you.
You felt your brow twitch slightly as you felt the birds little feet walk around in circles a few times before settling down, still on your head.
You sighed and looked back over to your Hetaloid and gasped. He was gorgeous; he had short Silver hair and a pale complexion and from the looks of the military uniform he had on, he had some muscle on him.
“Thanks so much you guys!” You wrapped both (Friend 1) and (Friend 2) in a hug as they hugged back nuzzling you as you all shared a laugh together.
“Of course (Your Name), you totally deserve it.” (Friend 2) said as they poked your belly playfully.
Your brow twitched again as you hit (Friend 2) upside the head as th
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 311 117
Double Trouble (Benny Weir X Reader)
[Slight Sexual Scenes, but nothing too intense]
Your reaction to Benny pulling you away from your education to make out in the boy’s washroom; shocked.
He had always been affectionate and wildly romantic, hugging you from behind and spinning you around, or surprising you with random gifts of flowers and a date.
Once he even tried to cook dinner for the two of you. Sure, it ended up with the smoke alarm going off and burnt chicken in our oven, but it’s the thought that counts.
When somebody asked you why you liked Benny of all people, you simply went off naming the traits you admired about him. His humour, his looks, his sweet demeanor… etc.
However, words you had never used for him were sensual, lustful, and seductive. Though, that seems to be the case today.
You couldn’t say that when he had been leaning against your locker, leather jacket and dark sunglasses, with a confident, desirable smirk replacing his usual carefree and silly one, that you hadn’t be
:iconsecretlysnowwhite:SecretlySnowWhite 266 22
His Seme (Uke!Levi Ackerman x Seme!Male!Reader)
WARNING: Mild sexual content and language. Strong language (I mean come on. It's Levi)
The wind was whipping your (Short/long/choppy etc.) hair around as you sped through the trees. You had a gleeful smile on your face and you were laughing. You loved the feeling of zooming in the air, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your blood. Some of the other cadets gave you weird looks for laughing but you shrugged them off.
“Oi! Shitty brat! What are you laughing at?!” Levi yelled at you.
“Nothing, Levi~! Just enjoying the feel of being in the air!” you responded.
“Fucking idiot,” Levi growled under his breath. You had always refused to call him Corporal or give any recognition to his superiority over you. Although the Lance Corporal would never admit it, he thought your personality was adorable.
You heard Levi and replied with, “Right back at’cha Levi-chan!” and flew off.
Your 3DMG skills were perfect and you made the
:iconangelofindividuality:AngelofIndividuality 827 249
Allow Me {Levi x Uke!Male!Reader} Drabble
{Warning: A little bit of lime. Doesn't go too much in depth though, so I'm fine, you're fine, we all fine :} }
The well-known and highly respected Lance Corporal Levi, woke up to a strange tingling sensation on his neck. Dark luscious lashes fluttering, his eyelids lifted to reveal that was in his comfortable bed, with the sheets slightly ruffled as another figure shifted atop his body.
"Mm, good morning, Corporal," it was the voice of [Male Name], a cadet Levi had taken quite a keen interest in. The short corporal didn't know if it was the younger male's body, charm, or perhaps both, that made him feel so attached to [Male Name].
"What are you doing, brat?" Levi's voice, coarse from just having woken up, rang in the cadet's ears. His gentle kisses and sucks on his superior's neck had not ceased; his lips now moving to his earlobe to play with.
"I'm getting revenge," [Male Name] responded simply as his hands began to feel Levi's taut muscles, fingertips occasionally dipping dow
:iconveroniquea08:VeroniqueA08 327 61
Stay with me (Rin x reader x Sousuke)
You,Rin and Sousuke where heading back to your individual homes since it was the end of school. Sousuke and Rin were babbling on about something that you weren't interested in
"Guys..." You broke into their conversation. They both turned towards you signaling that they were now paying attention to whatever you were going to say
" you guys plan on doing in the future?" you finished off looking up to the cold grey sky
They both looked at each other and smiled as if they had already knew the answer
"I want to be an olympic swimmer" Rin confidentally said showing off his shark teeth
"Me too" Sousuke grinned
You smiled at how sure they were about their future "Thats great but what happens if that doesn't work out?" you hated being negat
:iconchloem56:chloem56 275 46
Can't say goodbye - Jensen Ackles x Reader
Can't say goodbye - Jensen Ackles x Reader
"Saving people" Sam said with a smile, looking at Dean driving.
"Hunting things" Dean said smiling and looking at you through the rare view mirror.
"The family business" you said with a big smile looking at Dean and Sam.
And the car drove away on the endless road.
"CUT!" Robert's voice was heard.
The smiles vanished and you all exited the, now motionless, car. The car you were going to miss seeing, more than anything.
Simply because... Supernatural was over.
You couldn't believe it yourself either, but there it was. The End. The end of it all. The end of Supernatural.
You looked up from the closed door to meet the glistening eyes of your co-star and the person you would miss more than anything else. Jensen.
You smiled at him, though the smile was soon broken by a sob escaping your throat. Tears started rolling down your cheeks, soft sobs escaping your throat but the smile never leaving.
"This is it, uh?" you said through tea
:iconangelmewmew:angelmewmew 175 89
[EleventhDoctor/Reader] Vampires in Venice
Run faster!
Come on! You stupid legs!
You screamed at yourself, or more so your legs, to get away.
Never had a trip gone so horribly wrong. In all your time you had spent with the Doctor, never had you been so terrified.
Or in danger.
Venice. You were in Venice. Just around the Renaissance. The Doctor had taken you here in hopes of a calm little vacation for the two of you.
You now scoffed at the idea of a quiet day that involved the Doctor. There was never a calm moment with him.
But you were okay with that.
You had been wandering the streets, visiting the various vendors, when someone had some running. They were yelling for help.
Naturally, the Doctor wanted to help.
"My daughter, they have my daughter! Please, help! Someone! Help!" they cried. Swiftly turning around, the Doctor ran towards the source, almost knocking you over in the process.
Though the moment had only lasted a second, it felt like hours to you. The two of you, so close, gave
:iconthea115:TheA115 183 36
[Gambit x Reader] Impressive -One shot-
(y/n) was pinned. Trapped. Not for long though, becuse soon she forced the opponent off her and slashed it in the face, levitating a large jagged knife. She turned to the next scaley enemy and took care of it quickly. Panting, she stood, knives floating inches from her hands as the training room faded from an alien planet to the slate grey it was as default.
Remy sat lazily in the control room, using cards as boomerangs and shuffling them at random. He was watching her, the unique fighting methoods, the grace and precision. It was beautiful.
When she finished, her blades foated lazily inches from her hands, as if on invisable strings. Well, they sort of were. Her signature knives were made of a metal that inflicted pain when in use, throughout the whole weapon. So, her mutant ability was to levitate them, and the knives only. Along with her inhuman strength and agility, she was nicknamed the Manticore. She was one of the most valuable X-men on the team, and, despite her nickname and po
:iconultragamingnerd2001:UltraGamingNerd2001 71 20
Deal - DoFP!Quicksilver x Reader
“You, Pietro Maximoff, are a menace!”  You say with a laugh as Pietro sets you down on the couch in his basement.
“And you, [First Name] [Last Name], are an enabler.” He responds, ruffling your [Hair Color] hair. You laugh and stick your tongue out at him, but you don’t deny it. Ever since you realized that Pietro was like you, the two of you have been wreaking havoc together.
Earlier that day, you had been using your power of light manipulation to make a laser pointer and target things for Pietro to take. It started out simple: A pencil on the floor, an eraser at the edge of a desk... but the stakes had slowly been raised. You didn’t think he would actually be daring enough to take something out of a person’s hand! Of course, he proved you wrong.  By the time the teacher realized anything was amiss, Pietro had reappeared in his seat and tucked the chalk into his pocket.
Pietro tossed the stick of chalk ont
:iconkayoenfreer:kayoenfreer 441 46
To The Rescue (Wolverine x reader)
    "Logan." Scott calls as he sticks his head in the living room.
    "What do you want?" Logan growls as he looks away from the TV.
    "The Professor wants to see you." It can't be seen but he's glaring behind his sunglasses.
    "What for?"
    "You'll have to ask him about it."
    "Fine." Logan grumbles and tosses the remote on the coffee table.
    Logan knocks on the Professor's door.
    "Come in." Xavier calls.
    Logan opens the door and steps in.
    "You wanted to see me?"
    "Yes. Please, have a seat." The Professor waits until Logan does as told. "I sensed a mutant in trouble using Cerebra. I would like you to go find her."
    "Why me? Why can't you just send pretty boy?"
    "Because your abilities are best suited to find her. She's wandering around in the Canadian wilderness
:iconfantasysmistress:FantasysMistress 311 31
Logan X Reader: First Kiss (One-Shot!)
Logan X Reader: First Kiss (One-Shot!)
Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
    You and Logan had been dating for a few weeks now. You and Logan loved each other very much and could hardly be separated from each other for five minutes. It was very late and you couldn’t sleep, you had snuck into Logan’s room and climbed into bed with him.
    Logan slowly opened his eyes and saw you lying next to him; he pulled you close and kissed your forehead. You yawned cutely and snuggled up to Logan soon falling sound asleep.
The next morning
    You awoke seeing Logan awake staring at the ceiling; you smiled and climbed on top of Logan. You and Logan hadn’t kissed since you both were together. You slowly leaned in about to give Logan a good morning kiss when he pushed you away.
    You looked at him shocked but also somewhat hurt, “Do you not want to kiss me?” You asked loo
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 193 8
Changes - Part 20 (Mycroft x Reader)
The next morning you woke at 8am; you were really getting used to this early riser thing that was going on with you. You washed up and put on a fresh pair of clothes before brushing out your curly locks and throwing them back up into a blonde ponytail. You crept quietly out of your room and wandered aimlessly around the huge house until you finally happened upon what you were looking for, the kitchen. As you had expected, the kitchen was huge. You took a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the kitchen, figuring out where all the utensils, pots and pans, and varieties of foods were located. One thing was for sure, Mycroft’s kitchen was definitely much better stocked than Sherlock and John’s.
Once you were pretty sure where everything was, you got to work. You were going to surprise Mycroft with a nice breakfast since he had taken you out to eat so many times. He had the perfect ingredients for you to make something you had learned while you were in France.
You had just
:iconholliecat13:HollieCat13 122 86
Sherlock-X-Reader-X-Moriarty: Better Than Reality
You scrunched up your face and pulled the bed covers over your head.
"(Naaaaaame), c'mon. I made breakfast~"
The soft words sunk into your mind and something clicked.
'I know that voice.'
A wave of fear washed over you as your eyes shot open. Slowly you pulled the covers from your head and looked over to see Jim Moriarty sitting at the edge of your bed, that cute smile spreading across his face when he saw you. Your heart felt like a train engine as it pumped blood rapidly. He was wearing the same tight white shirt and blue jeans as when he was dating Molly and his hair was adorably messed up. You gulped, sure that your face was at least pink by now.
"Morning sleepy-head."
"U-Um, good morning."
You were really glad you we
:iconchubby-killer97:chubby-killer97 156 55
Caring / Epilgoue
John watched as Sherlock tugged on his shoes and grab his scarf. John knew what was about to happen. It happened every year on this exact day. Mycroft would be waiting outside. Sherlock would get a text and leave with him. And for the next few hours, John was left alone. He didn't know where they went or what they did, but it had to be important since neither brother really ever got along any other time they were together.
As Sherlock was about to grab his coat, John stopped him. Sherlock knew that his flatmate would soon be doing what he did everytime he left. Ask him what he was going to do.
"So... you going to tell me where you're going this year?"
"No." With that said on the matter, the youngest Holmes left. He closed the door behind him, grumbled at the rain and swiftly got into the car with Mycroft. The first few minutes were silent before the elder spoke.
"It is the first year that we cannot walk. She must be sad today."
"I presume John asked about your outing again. I
:iconcaligo-loki-love:Caligo-Loki-Love 103 40




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