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Romanian HetaloidX!Insecure!Chunky Reader Ch.1
“…The hell?” You felt your brow twitch as you stared into the empty crate where your Hetaloid was supposed to be. “If this is a repeat for last year (Friend 2), I will kill you.” You turned towards (Friend 2) who had a brow raised and had their head tilted to the side. “Uhh… (Name), we’re totally confused too.” (Friend 1) said as they scratched their head and awkwardly laughed. You sighed as you walked over to the empty crate and ripped off an envelope that was labeled ‘instructions’ and tore open the envelope and pulled out a small black booklet. “Well, maybe this c
Prussian HetaloidX!Insecure!Chunky Reader - Ch.1
“Ahhh, yellow fluff!!” You freaked out and dropped the crowbar you just used to pry open the wooden box with as a yellow ball of fluff flew out of the box and landed right on your head. “Umm…I think it likes you (Your name).” (Friend 2) said sticking their tongue out at you. You felt your brow twitch slightly as you felt the birds little feet walk around in circles a few times before settling down, still on your head. You sighed and looked back over to your Hetaloid and gasped. He was gorgeous; he had short Silver hair and a pale complexion and from the looks of the military uniform he had on, he had some mus
Double Trouble (Benny Weir X Reader)
[Slight Sexual Scenes, but nothing too intense] Your reaction to Benny pulling you away from your education to make out in the boy’s washroom; shocked. He had always been affectionate and wildly romantic, hugging you from behind and spinning you around, or surprising you with random gifts of flowers and a date. Once he even tried to cook dinner for the two of you. Sure, it ended up with the smoke alarm going off and burnt chicken in our oven, but it’s the thought that counts. When somebody asked you why you liked Benny of all people, you simply went off naming the traits you admired about him. His humour, his looks, his sweet
His Seme (Uke!Levi Ackerman x Seme!Male!Reader)
WARNING: Mild sexual content and language. Strong language (I mean come on. It's Levi) The wind was whipping your (Short/long/choppy etc.) hair around as you sped through the trees. You had a gleeful smile on your face and you were laughing. You loved the feeling of zooming in the air, the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your blood. Some of the other cadets gave you weird looks for laughing but you shrugged them off. “Oi! Shitty brat! What are you laughing at?!” Levi yelled at you. “Nothing, Levi~! Just enjoying the feel of being in the air!” you responded. “Fucking idiot,” Levi growled under his
Allow Me {Levi x Uke!Male!Reader} Drabble
{Warning: A little bit of lime. Doesn't go too much in depth though, so I'm fine, you're fine, we all fine :} } The well-known and highly respected Lance Corporal Levi, woke up to a strange tingling sensation on his neck. Dark luscious lashes fluttering, his eyelids lifted to reveal that was in his comfortable bed, with the sheets slightly ruffled as another figure shifted atop his body. "Mm, good morning, Corporal," it was the voice of [Male Name], a cadet Levi had taken quite a keen interest in. The short corporal didn't know if it was the younger male's body, charm, or perhaps both, that made him feel so attached to [Male Name]. "What a
Stay with me (Rin x reader x Sousuke)
                                                                     ~childhood~ You,Rin and Sousuke where heading back to your individual homes since it was the end of school. Sousuke and Rin were babbling on about something that you weren't interested in "Guys..." You broke into their conversation. They both turned towards you signaling that they were now paying attention to whatever you were going to say "What...do you guys plan on doing in the future?" you finished off
Can't say goodbye - Jensen Ackles x Reader
Can't say goodbye - Jensen Ackles x Reader "Saving people" Sam said with a smile, looking at Dean driving. "Hunting things" Dean said smiling and looking at you through the rare view mirror. "The family business" you said with a big smile looking at Dean and Sam. And the car drove away on the endless road. "CUT!" Robert's voice was heard. The smiles vanished and you all exited the, now motionless, car. The car you were going to miss seeing, more than anything. Why? Simply because... Supernatural was over. You couldn't believe it yourself either, but there it was. The End. The end of it all. The end of Supernatural. You looked up fro
[EleventhDoctor/Reader] Vampires in Venice
Run. Run faster! Come on! You stupid legs! You screamed at yourself, or more so your legs, to get away. Never had a trip gone so horribly wrong. In all your time you had spent with the Doctor, never had you been so terrified. Or in danger. Venice. You were in Venice. Just around the Renaissance. The Doctor had taken you here in hopes of a calm little vacation for the two of you. You now scoffed at the idea of a quiet day that involved the Doctor. There was never a calm moment with him. But you were okay with that. You had been wandering the streets, visiting the various vendors, when someone had some running. They were yelling for

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