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Published: November 21, 2009
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Awesome concept armor :)
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thank you for sharing this. i love it. 
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SAA-XStudent General Artist
I love the armor and the style in general.
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I understand why people do this, but imo it always kind of takes away some realism(especially for a very detailed realistic piece like this) when people try to give Samus these big long sweeping flowing locks, as if her hair has to go down past her butt inside her suit with her helmet on. I think its much more realistic for her to have hair no longer than shoulder length, if not shorter. If this piece had shorter hair(and maybe a less pensive, more determined expression) it would be the greatest piece of Samus art ever
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Red-IndicatorHobbyist Digital Artist
Finally someone who thinks of this. Even though long hair on a woman looks awesome, I also have my problem, that Samus would realistically have short hair - maybe keeping it even almost bald, because....... why would she cares for her beauty? She's not looking for dates but for good hunting. Any long hair would just cause problems and be good for nothing. Do we see any Army soldiers with any apparent hair? No, and it's got good reasons why.
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FlameWhirlwind176Hobbyist Traditional Artist
could be worse.

could be like one of the many pictures that just ignores everything about the character and decides to be pervy. I mean. that isn't new for any fictional character, and hell idealy it should be harmless, but recently samus has only been seen as sexual and it's kinda getting abit concerning. (it also doens't help other m screwed over her character.) imean, im not gunna lie I think samus is freaking hot, but i also respect the character. I don't just want everything about her to be sexy stuff. I want the badass bountyhunter
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ShorjokHobbyist General Artist
okay, but maybe longer flowing hair looks better and adds to the drama of the piece? why does it have to be realistic? it's not like the whole concept of samus's suit is realistic anyway!?
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LRCPHOTOProfessional Photographer
This is the best piece of Samus fanart ever created.
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LaserraptorCodermanHobbyist General Artist
Really great work. Excellent.
Favorited. :)
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Wonderful ! Samus is awesome !
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zolo187 Writer
She looks so stoic I think is the word like statuesque. fantastic art work
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This is really incredible. I hope you don't mind, but I included a link to this image (with credit to you) on my blog, angryscholar.wordpress.com. If you'd prefer I remove it, let me know.

Keep up the great work!
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spitfire-pandaHobbyist Writer
Awesome work!
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JaydanEdenHobbyist General Artist
wow! this is so impressive! this is the best samus i've seem of all time!
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Oh God... Never get tired of watching this art... Holy crap man... 
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love the armor on this one. if only it had the knee spikes.
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Stingray180Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My favourite Samus rendition ever. I've actually had this image as a desktop wallpaper for four years now. Never get tired of it.
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yiego-kiddProfessional Filmographer
Too often I see artists over "sexify" Samus. This is PERFECT!! And still sexy ;)
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onecoatzombieHobbyist General Artist
Best Samus ever.
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