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Much incoherent squeeing later. I have to say I enjoyed the web series. Days of Future Past didn't even reach this level of squeeing when I watch it two days prior. I had wanted to keep my Karate gi project for July to hit Ryu's birthday but since the web series came out early, the gi demands to be sewn early. Watching the series left me in a really good mood the whole day, more than enough than I'm still running on some amount of squee.

I enjoyed the series. It felt like videogame/manga/manhua/comics/animated movie/fanfic brought to life. I find myself spotting some easter eggs (Sheng Long's name on the dojo's name board). I like that waterfall training scene. Young Gouken reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro for some reason. The running scenes reminded me of the animated movie. Hack, parts of the movie reminds me of one thing or another.

I do hope it continues, what with the Sagat storyline bringing forth Ryu's Satsui no Hadou and the World Warrior storyline to return some justice to Chun Li. And of course if Ryu and Chun Li meet. Would it be just an introduction, an actual fight(against villians or their mooks) or sparring session? I mean Ryu and Ken are buddies, Guile and Ken are brothers in law. Chun Li and Guile are partners technically. I kinda expect the four of them to work together to advance in the tournament as well as watch each other's back.

Here be spoilerful and some thoughts
I have lost track of canon storyline by now.

The whole "If you're not gonna ship Chun Li with Ryu, please don't ship them with anyone else' viewpoint still stands

As a fanfic writer, the relationship of Sayaka and the two brothers kinda prove to me why Ryu is not in a relationship with Chun Li and why Ryu can be in a relationship with Chun Li and not be together in 3rd strike because of needing to continue musha shugyo and that little girl that Urien kidnap (told you I wrote fanfics. Its a conspiracy that one) . And yet somehow things work out for Ken because he sees things differently.

It does reminds me of stuff that I never got around to writing for Gouken's background because I didn't go back that far and character in question still pops by and visit and they kinda came to terms about where things stand. (She still left him *shrug*). Keeping in mind I don't exactly have a Sayaka character

I'm kinda glad that Ryu's parentage is still vague. I never really gave a thought to the older brother being Ryu's father but now it kinda makes sense too if thats the case. (Caught Alpha generation after watching the web series)

Nice long hair is nice. Is there some kind of analogy between Ken's long hair and young Gouken's long hair and that whole thing about not being corrupted by the satsui no Hadou? Oh and Ken with long untied hair is rather elf-like.
RinoaDestiny Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
I'm also catching it, iwahoshi. I got introduced to it by Brian's girlfriend, who's a dear friend now on FB, and we were talking about how much Brian would've loved this. It got everything Street Fighter right. Ryu and Ken feel like Ryu and Ken - bash brothers and all - and the back story with Gouken and Gouki is well-done. I also love that they started with the Alpha/Zero timeline, especially since that was one of my favorite entries in the SF series. Watching Ryu and Ken mature from teens to adults was a big part of why I liked it. This web series locked that down good and tight.

Ken's Alpha hair was always a pretty thing to look at. I liked seeing it here, along with Ryu's white bandanna. As for Ken's long hair looking rather elf-like unbound, I concur. When he was wearing the formal kimono and hakama, I thought he gave off Elvish vibes.

Can I also say how glad I am that they made Ryu look attractive by choosing a rather handsome actor? Ryu was my first video game crush, after all. XD 
iwahoshi Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Oh they have a rather good looking male cast it seems. Young Gouki and Gouken were giving Ryu and Ken a run for their money. XD

Well they have to start the story somewhere. the Pre Sagat timeline does give Sagat and pre Alpha/Zero crew the chance to come in and expand the story season by season, you can practically have one season to go and build things up before launching into the Zero/Alpha proper. and if they want to they can even do a bonus Chun Li one where before/during her father's disappearance.

Even Guile or Charlie fits in for a season. Or for that matter a Shadaloo based season (Oh I like to see that)
Psycho-blue Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
I watched eps 0-4 and will be finishing it up tonight once my friend comes online.  Joey Ansah actually got to look at the script for the Ryu/Chun-Li project and says he'd be willing to help us spread the word. 
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