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Much incoherent squeeing later. I have to say I enjoyed the web series. Days of Future Past didn't even reach this level of squeeing when I watch it two days prior. I had wanted to keep my Karate gi project for July to hit Ryu's birthday but since the web series came out early, the gi demands to be sewn early. Watching the series left me in a really good mood the whole day, more than enough than I'm still running on some amount of squee.

I enjoyed the series. It felt like videogame/manga/manhua/comics/animated movie/fanfic brought to life. I find myself spotting some easter eggs (Sheng Long's name on the dojo's name board). I like that waterfall training scene. Young Gouken reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro for some reason. The running scenes reminded me of the animated movie. Hack, parts of the movie reminds me of one thing or another.

I do hope it continues, what with the Sagat storyline bringing forth Ryu's Satsui no Hadou and the World Warrior storyline to return some justice to Chun Li. And of course if Ryu and Chun Li meet. Would it be just an introduction, an actual fight(against villians or their mooks) or sparring session? I mean Ryu and Ken are buddies, Guile and Ken are brothers in law. Chun Li and Guile are partners technically. I kinda expect the four of them to work together to advance in the tournament as well as watch each other's back.

Here be spoilerful and some thoughts
I have lost track of canon storyline by now.

The whole "If you're not gonna ship Chun Li with Ryu, please don't ship them with anyone else' viewpoint still stands

As a fanfic writer, the relationship of Sayaka and the two brothers kinda prove to me why Ryu is not in a relationship with Chun Li and why Ryu can be in a relationship with Chun Li and not be together in 3rd strike because of needing to continue musha shugyo and that little girl that Urien kidnap (told you I wrote fanfics. Its a conspiracy that one) . And yet somehow things work out for Ken because he sees things differently.

It does reminds me of stuff that I never got around to writing for Gouken's background because I didn't go back that far and character in question still pops by and visit and they kinda came to terms about where things stand. (She still left him *shrug*). Keeping in mind I don't exactly have a Sayaka character

I'm kinda glad that Ryu's parentage is still vague. I never really gave a thought to the older brother being Ryu's father but now it kinda makes sense too if thats the case. (Caught Alpha generation after watching the web series)

Nice long hair is nice. Is there some kind of analogy between Ken's long hair and young Gouken's long hair and that whole thing about not being corrupted by the satsui no Hadou? Oh and Ken with long untied hair is rather elf-like.
So i ordered my bjd for Ryu customization. While I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs for his arrival. This pops up at the company's site

Kowalski The 6 armed Raiden-ish mecha dude…

Made me wonder if there's a Metal Gear fan in the design department. His buddy in the same release is a bit borg like though…

Not entirely surprise that I would see a Metal Gearish design in the bjds. Especially since there was a Big Boss/Naked Snake era /iqurious plissken lookalike that another company did (Of which I owned the clean-shaven, basic edition and am thinking of letting him cosplay eventually)…

Gotta love it whenever the bjd/doll companies do stuff that make the doll seem more at home if it were an action figure
Well no surprise it has come to this. As much as I would like a muscular Iplehouse EID Arvid, he would be too tall for a 50cm Obitsu.…

Kinda basing him on the SF animated movie version (first alpha movie version also acceptable) since thats what i done with my Chun Li. I have up to March to decide and shortlist a few more candidates. And the following candidates in no order are:

Soul Doll Lampard (his chin caught my attention)…

Soul Doll Yurr (H.C. / Reg)…
I'm starting to think that the only reason I pick Soul Doll is because of the words 'Soul' and 'Doll' and its connection two certain somebodies

Souldoll Vito Rail…

Soul Doll Lester keeps getting on and off the list…

Soul Doll Elan (the angular structure of the Soul doll boys drew me to them)…

I have a thing for runty boys O_o…

Dragondoll Zheng…

Leeke Romeo
Took himself off the list…

Iplehouse Ryushin keeps getting on and off the list. something about him says Alpha Ryu yet I see shades of my Megu headed Chun Li in there…

Iplehouse Mars
Took himself off the list…

Unless Obitsu downsize their 65cm chap to 55-60cm range…
I haven't wrote fanfics in a long while. Partly on account of writer's block. I haven't read proper fanfics in a while on account of reader's block. Oddly enough I can read parody fics.

In the course of wanting to make Juri's outfit for one of my dolls. I realised I haven't link up SF4(except Gouken. he's around... somewhere.... shhhh.) to my fics and gave some thought it. I can only say one thing. Juri is scary enough that she makes a certain collab fic OC character and various doll units looks like prim and proper school girls.

Some folks know that I tossed Fei Long in one sided relationship with CL and let SnH Ryu pound on him for lols. As far as SnH Ryu is concern he has no idea who this annoying fellow that keeps showing up and yelling at him is. (my footnotes are full of omakes and broken 4th wall)

And then Juri came along and the general consensus that I get from the fic characters in my head is along the lines of 'This one is extremely big trouble . Please, please don't bring her in.' and 'I _HATE_ spiders!'

And of course Juri is appealing to be let in along the lines that
- she won't break up Ryu and Chun Li. Swear by Feng Shui system and bizarre sense of honor if honor exist in her dictionary
- she wants both RCL and it don't matter whether regular Ryu or SnH form (see what reading quotes does)
- she promise to smack Fei Long around just for being annoying
- if Sakura is around she'll trumatise her too. And Rose too and Cammy and the dolls too oh and Vega/claws too
- and she'll make a certain OC character redundant just for lols
- and trumatise the writer to the point of risking a total rewrite of said fic universe
- and since said fic verse is connected to some other games - those characters too (and she mentioned that Iori, Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin are cute) if she figure out how to get there.
- a short paragraph of her smacking CL around to piss a somewhat smackdowned Ryu off, sort of exist.
- CL kikoshoing Juri into the path of a rampaging SnH Ryu (no she dosen't know he's there, she just had to save her own ass)
- there's a pounding in store for her from SnH Ryu because of the above
- there's a lot of hospitalization and broken limbs....

As for the the rest of my cast
- are whining about having to face SnH Ryu again after the whole Zero business
- Vega/Balrog is still traumatise and hasn't recovered from Motivation 19
- are thankful that I can't draw them because of the above appeal
- demanding that if Juri does linked up she be isolated to stand alone shorts

And I don't want her action figure unless its 6 inch and in line with the SOTA crew. she'll be kept very far away from the rest though
Rest in Peace.
I may not have known you in real life but you were one of the bright ones I've known.

Brian Yip (RCL4ever)
5/24/1980 ~ 26/2/2010
You guys might have notice it. My dolls are getting outfits based on singers and dancers. So far I done Vocaloids and FFX2. KOF idols is on the menu. Two of my males I haven't exactly decided what to dress them for.

I've been rummaging through Vocaloids for Snake but I'm not 100% sure. Red band Ryu completely stumped me. His Alpha counterpart is slated for Yashiro Nanakase but himself is a big blank. Soooo any suggestion for male singers?
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Hanging around a bunch of Pureneemo folks is kinda making me want to get a young girl doll (25cm so she's about 16 years of age). The only problem I have with this is to geting a character who can fit into the Team of Dolls and not be overwhelm by the Team of Dolls' Personalities (who were chosen for their personalities).

The following candidates are the ones that remained after months of consideration

A green hair Kumamimi - One of my nekomimi's niece or was it her cousin? Yes green hair girl bear, you heard that right.

Yet another nekomimi cousin

My nekomimi's daughter curly blond hair blue eyes daughter - Of which my nekomimi had kinda stolen her personality (she has a dark hair brother who qualifies as mini-Ryu )

Li Xiangfei- Yet another Chinese girl to harass my Ryus. I have intentions to let this one join in on the "I wear Wigs too" Department

Yuri Sakazaki - Because no other SF gals(sadly not even the guys) are allow on the Team since almost half the Team is made of of SFers. (Kula Diamond was unable to overcome Xiangfei and Yuri)

So answer to this post by picking a character
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I notice to my amusement that Motivation 19 is getting a lot of views whether or not you're a fan of of Vega/Balrog/Claw and regardless to what meaning the poster holds for you.

So make Motivation 19 hit 2000 views and the next Motivation will be for Vega(SOTA crew version), I promise not to make him look too bad. Me non-Vega fan and being a RCL fangirl. (Seriously SOTA Fei Long is wondering how he can get such support)

You love his Royal Prettiness no? You wish to see what I have in stall for him no? And you wish for me to drop this accent too no?
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Seems like I'm not collecting anymore SF collectible thingys, except for comics and action figure I guess. Considering I don't even fiddle around with my Neca and Revoltech it really says a lot. And I blame these dolls for making me make costumes, especially when there no chance of owning a Rose or Doll unit action figure.

Ah well I make clothes, dolls get outfit, I get some resemblance to character who are not likely to get made, fair trade I guess. Sooooo why haven't I made KOF?
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And it seems FF hijack my projects. When will i ever do any KOF? Especially since I'm thinking of Tekken. Anyway. Final Fantasy. I love FF ever since FF6 hooked me, anything after was just hit (7 and sorta 10) or miss (8). Kinda think it depends on the characters and how well they pull you.

As for costumes. The first one I ever did was Yuna, Lulu and an incomplete Auron (after 90 odd hours of gameplay for Auron's weapon) since they were the three most well used characters to the point that Tidus got sidelined. Rikku stole his spot as backup for the powerful trio. Yuna was smacking fiends left and right with her staff. And with Auron around I didn't even touch Tidus much.

Where I was concern as long as the outfit looks easy (since I have trouble following sewing instructions at times, little pieces confuse me) to I'll attempt it. And somehow I ended up using the first 3 steps of this and went altering everything else. Kinda glad that it turn out okay.

I wonder what else is gonna turn up
I want to do Guile! Now that the so called Balrog(Boxer Bison)and Vega(Claws Balrog) costumes are confirmed pieces for the Street Fighter project with the exception that Balrog may get new shorts redone.

And since my desk is full of dolls dressed as Street Fighters (the 7 Chun Li gals, Rose, Bison, Balrog, Vega and scrawny Ryu). The notion for Guile just got stuck in my head. One problem being that which of the 4 males get to do be Guile? I have some camo pants so thats not a problem. Oddly enough after playing much Dan on SFIV, I feel like doing his costume as well and in pink

See I still don't get to start on King of Fighters T_T I want my Vice and Mature duo T_T. I want my Geonitz and Orochi heralds T_T.

*Goes off to murder a suitable paint brush for hair*
I believe Street Fighter fans are all aware of the movie that's coming out end Feb (opens March 19 on my shores).

Personally I rather it be a CGI or animated movie, at least the character would more or less look like the characters, although I'm not fond of SFV and never saw the other SFZ movie in which Ryu's father is supposedly G****

On one hand *goes into obsessed fangirl mode* "ITS A FREAKING STREET FIGHTER MOVIE!!!!!! AND ITS HAS CHUYNNNNNYYY!!!" and writes a manga/manhua/fangirl parody-ish summary in the spirit of poking fun of SF

Maybe I kinda hope that if it works, it might connect to a Ryu arch tournament movie or a prequel Ryu SnH SF story and connect into proper tournament arch movie and have either CL or Ryu as focus. Sinc I dunno who else can lead that movie unless Ken could. Heck the focus can even be on the 3 of them. And through them interact with the others.

On the other hand I'm afraid of the curse of 'live action movies' considering I spent some years denying the existence of Van Damme movie.

I guess I'm still gonna see the movie and if it fails, then its a case of bad fanfic and I'll deny its existence and go watch the anime movie again or something
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WIP it! WIP it good. Just WIP it Just WIP. 2 more to go. Must do Blood blossom
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I know practice makes perfect and stuff. but then i don't draw much.

But on account of really boring work assignments that I've getting for the past few weeks I was starting to draw again. I started off doodling my dolls and my Revoltech Ryu (he was small enough to sneak to work).

Let's see if I can get my scanner to work and my photo editing software to start coloring stuff
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I did not expect to return to Dolling. After all the dead Barbies are long gone and I did not expect videogames and action figures to have anything to do with dolls. and getting two Street Fighters was just that, two Street Fighter dolls for my collection nothing more

And it was standard routine to get yet another Street Fighter Doll (red band Ryu). And somehow an Obitsu followed him home and I ended up with eight 1/6 customized dolls of my own.

So now I have 3 Obitsus, 1 Parabox-volks-obitsu hybrid(depending on which head she has on), volks-PB, an Obitsu-PB, a Volks-Obitsu, Volks WTG Yamato and the three Street Fighter dolls

They're fun to make stuff for though
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