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Making a Cheongsam or Qipao



I'm quite fond of the qipao on account of Chun Li. So its no surprise for me that I ended making a few. As I don't quite understand the method used for making said dress on a 1:1 scale I ended up reworking the simple kimono/robe method. which also follow a smiliar method

it was made by placing the doll on the cloth to estimate the measurement instead of measuring everything out and stuff. Dress is made with the aid of a 27cm Obitsu. Partially handsewn and mostly machine sewn

Red line denotes cutting,
Blue denotes sewing
Green for fold at line
Yellow for excess cloth after folding / sewing
Orange for zipper

I was pretty much using the variations of this pattern to make the chang pao[link] and the cossack [link]

Some pieces
Blood Blossoms (Blame SF3strike CL alternate color for making me seek this design)

imcomplete Dark CL uniform and ubiquitous Lady in red
8 colors of Chun Li

Default blue
Spring Beauties
Quistis Vest

If anyone else out there use this to make an outfit for your doll. Note me, I like to see your take
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I making a full size Qipao so this won't help me but it is cute.:) I will just keep looking.