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July 9, 2010
dream by ~IVYangelica
A most inspiring quote displayed in a playful and creative manner.
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if u can dream it, u can do it,,a nice quotes from walt disney..
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LonelyTear-T-T's avatar
Love dreams, love lucid dreams. Have been doing it for few years so I have to agree here.

My dreams are helping me become an artist so I can share them with the world
Zainabco's avatar
dream can be true some time .
ShanoontheEpic's avatar
hi! I'm doing a project for school about dreams and aspiration. It requires pictures and I was wondering if I could use it for the project. I'd of course cite you :)

thanks for your time!
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ZachtheFloatzel's avatar
"I believe what most people don't understand is when you dream your really in another universe creating a whole new world your just not living in it yet" ~ Me
SharkyToof's avatar
I KNEW IT WAS POSSIBLE! I am going to take an umbrella and jump off the nearest building. I HAVE THE ABILITY TO FL-smash-.
HollyheartsBOTDF's avatar
What if i dream't about stapling water to a tree?
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Featured Here: 50+ Beautiful Examples of Typography [link]
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I love this. I really like how you used the colored pastels to create the type rather than just writing it out. [: Great quote and great concept.
Hyo-Ikitsuky's avatar
This words are my life... And I have no doubt that I'm going to do it!
OnlyGot100Years's avatar
I love this man and this quote so much, and this photo is such an artistic medium through which to share it! This is a definite favorite!!!
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i wish if that was true i'd be a friggin god of heros and every one would be safe happy and loveing life
AlegriaDaLuz's avatar
My favorite quote from Walt.
WhiteRiceVampire's avatar
I had no idea this was from Walt Disney. Honestly I thought it was from Blades of Glory. Anyways, it looks really great. :D
Twinky2's avatar
I love that saying!!! :flirty:
Janerd's avatar
The Secret !
mxexnxtxoxs's avatar
"U"? Really now?

I'm just going to go ahead and get my inspirational quotes elsewhere.
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I don't recommend trying to fly though. Everything else is pretty much harmless so... dream the hell out of yourselves and please, try to enjoy it :D After all, life exists for a single purpose: to have fun. :)
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