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Selina Kyle

Photo inspired by this art work :…

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Apr 6, 2019, 9:28:50 PM
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Catwoman is my fav!!:love:

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Thank you!! She is one of my favorites too. :D
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Beautiful Cat Woman! 
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Thank you!! :)
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Here kitty kitty!

Fabulous shot!  And great representation of that art.
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Thank you so much!!! :D
the most perfect james bond girl...
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Thank you!! :D
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Thank you!! :)
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Art from Life from DC from Ivy by yankee30  

Hello Ivy

Thought you might like this version also....
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Thank you so much!! I love it!! :D
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Well, the costume is definitely Selina Kyle, but the head looks more Blake Belladonna to me. If there's a complaint, it's that this is sort of unresolved as it stands.
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Thank you!! She is cute! :)
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Well, other than the "unfeasibly large boobs in a purple bodysuit designs" (and Lea Merriweather) pretty much every Selina/Catwoman portrayal (film, live Tv and comics) is cute, as are both Blake and yourself.
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Her Catwoman was awesome!! :D
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Fair enough; she's my least favourite "official Catwoman" (and since it's a whole different mythology, I'm not counting the Halle Berry film as official. I also still say that Halle was not responsible for any of the stuff that was wrong with that film).
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The Halle Berry movie was terrible.
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I agree, but she didn't write the script, produce, direct, do effects work or even do anything more with the costumes than wear them.
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Yes, is true. ;)
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Wow - I would love the opportunity to make a drawing based on this photo.
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