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Wolf Practice by Ivy010 Wolf Practice :iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0 Fighting Pride by Ivy010 Fighting Pride :iconivy010:Ivy010 4 0 Beaten But Not Defeated by Ivy010 Beaten But Not Defeated :iconivy010:Ivy010 4 0 Violet Waves by Ivy010 Violet Waves :iconivy010:Ivy010 5 0 Anime Style Practice by Ivy010 Anime Style Practice :iconivy010:Ivy010 2 3
Shikamaru Nara X OC ~ Commission
    Shikamaru absolutely hated getting up early in the mornings. The Chunin Exams better be worth it for this. He and his team managed to pass the written exam and where now supposed to meet up at the entrance of the Forest of Death for phase two. When he arrived he took count of the people there. He, of course, noticed Ino and Choji first, followed by the rest of the teams from his graduating year. He noticed the ninja from the other villages as well, most particularly the Sound ninja. Their presence didn't sit well with him. Lastly, he noticed a girl that was standing off by herself. She had long blonde hair and wore black attire. He recalled catching a glimpse of her at the first part of the exams.
    His thoughts were interrupted when the instructor handed the teams their scrolls and gave them the rules: get the opposite scrolls from another team, and make it to the tower at the end of the forest. The gates were opened and the young ninja were signaled to start
:iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0
X Drake x Reader Modern!AU Commission
Jurassic Rawr
    You knew from the moment your boyfriend walked into the door you were in trouble. You didn't do anything wrong... yet. You knew Drake had an interest in dinosaurs, so you introduced him to the Jurassic Park movies a week ago after discovering that he's never watched them. Of course, his pessimistic self shot the movies full of plot holes and complained about the bogus science that went into creating the dinosaurs. Despite this, you noticed his genuine interest in the detail of the dinosaur puppets, especially the T-Rex. He even made a comment on how he wished to see one in real life. That was when your diabolical plan hatched, and the reason as to why you were now in your current situation.
    "What in the absolute hell is wrong with you?" he asked as soon as he walked through the door of your shared home.
    "You wanted to see a T-Rex in real life, and this was the best I could do," you said. Here you were, standing at the front d
:iconivy010:Ivy010 7 0
Kaku x Reader Modern!AU Commission
A Day at the Zoo
    It was a beautiful summer day, and both you and your boyfriend, Kaku, had the day off from work. Sadly, you were beyond bored. Kaku was perfectly fine watching television all day, but you wanted to go out and enjoy the nice weather. You were staring off into space when a commercial came on. Today was the opening day for the local zoo. It's been forever since you've gone, but you've never went with Kaku.
    "Hey, Kaku! Let's go to the zoo!" you exclaimed.
    "Why the zoo?" your companion asked.
    "Because they have (favorite animal) and giraffes!" You knew Kaku's favorite animal was the giraffe.
    He gave a small, defeated sigh and stood up, "Alright, let's go to the zoo."
At the zoo:
    The trip to the zoo was uneventful and took a lot longer because of traffic. Of course, you made a game of lightly punching Kaku's shoulder every time you saw a (color) car. Kaku was silent the whole driv
:iconivy010:Ivy010 5 0
Death Note OC- Misoka Kinoshita
Introduction of Character
Name: Misoka Kinoshita
Age: Before Timeskip: 16  After Timeskip: 22
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): N/A
Alias(es): Kira, Masayoshi
Birth Date: October 31st
Death Date: N/A
Race: Human
Occupation: Pre-Timeskip: Student, Waitress  Post-Timeskip: Waitress, Detective Assistant to Light
Affiliation(s): Kira, Japanese Task Force
The Character's Appearance
Misoka has layered, black hair to the top of her shoulders, with long, choppy bangs. She always leaves her hair down. She has dark gray eyes, and long lashes. She has light skin and traditional Japanese features. She has a large burn scar going from the back of her neck to below her shoulder blades. She wears small, gold hooped earrings and a gold pinky ring with a small ruby on her right hand.
She wears her schoo
:iconivy010:Ivy010 1 0
Black Butler OC- Yvette Vasseur
Introduction of Character
Name: Yvette Vasseur
Age: Approx. 1,000 years (Appears 18)
Gender: Female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Hetero
Nickname(s): Pipsqueak, Young One, Runt
Alias(es): Isabella Moreau
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: N/A
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Unknown
Species: Demon (Succubus)
Ethnicity: French (Presumably)
Blood Type: O
Affiliations/Organizations: Phantomhive Manor, Ex-Robespierre Family
Status: Servant
Occupation: Maid, Spy
The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
Yvette has dark brown curly hair that ends at the lower back, and curled bangs that end at just above her eyes. She has lightly toned skin. Her chin and nose are very petite, she has high cheek bones, and pouty lips. She has thin, delicate eyebrows that have a slight arch. Her eyes are a lilac color. She has a very petite body type
:iconivy010:Ivy010 3 0
This is Halloween ~ Art Trade for AkageOtoha
    The Whitebeard Pirates have docked at a small island to stock up on supplies. But, it seemed that the island was about to begin a festival or holiday. Pumpkins with scary faces carved into them lined the fronts of homes and businesses. Paper spiders and spider webs made from stretched cotton hung from doors.
    "Sure seems l-like some cr-creepy holiday," Cordelia said while looking at the town from the deck.
    "Come on Cordy, it might be fun," Ace teased her, "Looks like they're still setting up anyway."
    She looked over to respond, "I-I-I still want to check it out. I've never seen anyth-thing like this before."
    "You're in luck then," Marco said from behind them, so they turned around, "Pops said it's going to be a few days before we set sail. Most of us are heading into town now. You guys can go see what they're planning."
    Ace smirked and adjusted his hat, "In that ca
:iconivy010:Ivy010 1 2
Bleach OC Fanfic Chapter 4
    "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Hitori said to herself. It was mid afternoon or so, she didn't know exactly what time. She had been in Karakura Town for three days now, and had been sleeping in abandoned buildings. She hasn't showered but was able to stay clean by collecting rain water in an old metal barrel, as it has rained on and off since she arrived. All of her money was spent on a train ticket, so she has been collecting tiin cans and trading them for money at a recycling center for money she uses for vending machines.
    She was currently walking in a back alley collecting cans from peoples' trash when it starts raining again. Hitori huffed and kept making her way down the alley until she ends up on the sidewalk of the main street. As she trudged along towards the cycling center thinking about being able to save her barrel of water for later, she heard voices up ahead.
    "Good thing I packed my umbrella! I had a feel
:iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0
Mature content
Bleach Fanfic Chapter 3 :iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0
Bleach Fanfic Chapter 2
    Toshiro Hitsugaya was sitting in his office doing paperwork while his Lieutenant, Rangiku, slept off a hangover. The past few days have been quiet and the daily routine was back on track now that the Fullbringer threat was over. She was going on about how boring it was now, but he was thankful for a little peace.
    Suddenly, there was a frantic knock on the door. "Come in," he responded as Rangiku woke up.
    It was Nanao. "Captain Hitsugaya! Lieutenant Matsumoto! Come quickly! A soul reaper came through the gate, and nobody recognizes her from their ranks. She opened the Senkaimon from the other side," She bowed and flash stepped away. The Division 10 officers followed her.
    All the captains and lieutenants were in attendance. The soul reaper was already in chains, and Soi-Fon was interrogating her. "Who are you?" the Captain questioned. The mysterious shinigami remained silent. "Speak! We a
:iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0
Bleach Fanfic Chapter 1
    "Kirisuke Kanamiki, you are hereby charged for treason against the Soul Society. As punishment you are to be executed tomorrow," Captain Commander Yamamoto sentenced the scientist, "Urahara, step forward. You are now Captain of Division Twelve."
    That was hundreds of years ago. Kirisuke escaped that night with an invention he smuggled into his cell. He stole a gigai and fled to the Human World, and used another to permanently bind his soul to the gigai. He wants revenge, and plans to use what his was sentenced to death for, to do it.
    Hitori awoke in a bright, white room. Her mind was foggy, her body numb.
    "Good, you're awake sooner than anticipated," a voice sounded.
    "Father? What happened?" she asked with a cracked voice.
    "Don't you remember?" the voice chuckled, "We finally finished the procedure. Now, stand up and let's test it out."
    'Oh, right, 't
:iconivy010:Ivy010 0 0
Long Nights ~ Law x OC
    They happened often. The nightmares. They started shortly after her first kill. She is haunted almost every night by the faces of those who didn't deserve their fate. She kept them to herself, she didn't want to burden anyone else with the mental weight pressing on her shoulders. But he had them too. His started when his family and town perished at the hands of the government. Then again, when his dear friend died to save his life. He kept them to himself as well. As fate would have it, they needed each other to cope with the terrors that come after dark.
    "No!" Cree yelled as she bolted up from the bed. Another one. The face of the old man someone decided knew too much. She covered her face with her hands. "Will they ever stop?" She sighed and got up. She walked through the halls of the submarine, making the familiar steps to his office. When she entered, he was sitting at his desk reading from a large medical book, as he often was.
:iconivy010:Ivy010 2 0


Zelda Bead Sprite by Nicolel12 Zelda Bead Sprite :iconnicolel12:Nicolel12 159 5 A semi-lifesize beadsprite mural! Cell and Babies! by Ellsworth-Toohey A semi-lifesize beadsprite mural! Cell and Babies! :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 156 18 Sprite Lara croft @Tomb Raider by Kukirio Sprite Lara croft @Tomb Raider :iconkukirio:Kukirio 15 0 Princess Peach by phantasm818 Princess Peach :iconphantasm818:phantasm818 151 4 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Perler by Spevial101 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Perler :iconspevial101:Spevial101 68 27 Daenerys Targaryen Perler by TehMorrison Daenerys Targaryen Perler :icontehmorrison:TehMorrison 56 13 Angel of Colors by Wacker00 Angel of Colors :iconwacker00:Wacker00 144 17 Pokemon Trainerr (Better Pic) by phantasm818 Pokemon Trainerr (Better Pic) :iconphantasm818:phantasm818 140 19 One Piece Character #65. Shirahoshi by MagicPearls One Piece Character #65. Shirahoshi :iconmagicpearls:MagicPearls 25 0 Natsu Dragneel and Happy Perler by TehMorrison Natsu Dragneel and Happy Perler :icontehmorrison:TehMorrison 18 2 Luffy - Complete! by MagicPearls Luffy - Complete! :iconmagicpearls:MagicPearls 41 8 Adventure-Girl (Mini-Beads) by FTWBAmanojaku Adventure-Girl (Mini-Beads) :iconftwbamanojaku:FTWBAmanojaku 27 5 Princess Peach Perler Beads by kamikazekeeg Princess Peach Perler Beads :iconkamikazekeeg:kamikazekeeg 33 0 Rosewater Opal by Choco--Boom Rosewater Opal :iconchoco--boom:Choco--Boom 15 9 Memento Mori by RimaPichi Memento Mori :iconrimapichi:RimaPichi 3,686 143 Diabolic Lovers OC - Outfit 3 by AnimeRPer1998 Diabolic Lovers OC - Outfit 3 :iconanimerper1998:AnimeRPer1998 37 3




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