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Zoe Aris REF by ivrinne Zoe Aris REF by ivrinne
Sooooo I've finally started getting into drawing new refs for my OCs!
There is going to be a lot more refs coming! x'D My style has changed so much lol

Full Name: Zoe Aris
Nickname(s): Burger Girl, Feather Brain, Zo
Species: Human Sparid
Current Age: 18
DOB: November 23
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Love Interest: Toxik (owner Irri-Kirrillee)
Status: Taken
Height: 5'7
Bra Size: D
Languages Spoken: English and French
Occupation: Assistant at Pet Shelter
Hobbies: Reading and treasure hunting
Disorder/Health Issues: Major Anxiety, Depression
Fears: Reliving the day her father went missing, being bullied again, losing her lover
Likes: Sweets, finding new treasure, wandering in the forest, reading her fathers adventure journals, cooking, thinking about the time she had spent with her father, spending time with her boyfriend
Dislikes: Crowds of people, random people talking about her father, people who touch her wings, being alone, violence, unwanted touching from strangers
Quiet, Sweet, Adventurous, Creative, Patient, Sensitive

Zoe was born in a small village on the seacoast. She lived with her mother and father in a small ranch in the village. Their village mostly consisted of the Sparid people. Which is the reason why their village was far away from most civilization. As a child Zoe was bullied most of elementary school. The other students picked on her because of her inability to read and speak for her age group. After school Zoe spent most of her time with her father at the library trying to learn how to read. Her father was an adventurer, he traveled around finding unique and valuable items to sell. Her mother was a a vet a the local animal shelter. There way of family time was after hours taking care of the crops and later watching movies together. Over the years Zoe got better at reading and speaking, during her early years of middle school the bullying stopped. Making her happier than ever. A few days after her eleventh birthday her father was going on a journey far from their village and told his family he may not be back for a few months. For his regular journeys only took a week for two. Zoe's father left her with one of the treasures he had found on one of his previous adventures. It was a medal bird feather, he thought it would remind her of him and their people. Her mother was concerned with the gesture for she worried that he would never come back. A year after her father left the village news reporters came to their door step for weeks after weeks asking them about Zoe's father. Her mother would always slam the door in their faces then breakdown on the couch crying. Zoe always tried to comfort her mother, but it never got through to her. Days after the last reporter, another person came to the door. They were members of the village counsel. They came to report to the household that Zoe's father was dead, since he has not contacted them for several years. Zoe now being fourteen talked to the men herself noticing her mother could not handle hearing about her husband anymore. Once they let, Zoe tried to convince her mother that he was in hiding, and most of all not dead. Once again her mother did even try to hear her words. Months after Zoe's mother was taken into a mental hospital for therapy and treatment. Except the hospital was weeks away so they did not promote visiting, for she had to take care of herself. Another year passed, Zoe had lived alone all this time. She spent most of her time with the neighbors on her days off, she didn't like to be alone. She got a call from the hospital a year after they took her mother away from her. They obviously didn't care how she felt when they gave her the news, they came out so blunt and cold when the told her. Her mother killed herself. Zoe tried to keep her composure as she asked how. They said a bullet to the head, she argued with them about how she got a gun into the facility. They were told by other inmates that the person in the cell next to her gave her the gun. That the suspect felt bad for her. Now Zoe is eighteen she moved away from her small village to get away from the bad memories and to sadly lose the good ones. She now lives in a house with her boyfriend. Some nights she reads her fathers journals over and over again to calm her down. She still has little hope that her father is still alive and that she may see him again. 

- Toxik (Boyfriend)
- Anna (Mother)
- Scarlet (Best Friend)
Note Me For Relationships

Character @/me
Art meaochi
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Paladin360 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looking nice she is ^^ and her story look interesting from the short biography ^^
ivrinne Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!<33
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