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Another handsome boy who you need to meet ! The luxurious and noble dutch stallion : Versace !



Show Name :
Versace IHS
Barn Name : Versy
Age :  7 yrs
Gender : Stallion
Colour :  Bay tobiano
Genotyp : Ee/AA/nT
Markings : Stripe, blue eyes
Height : 169 cm


Breed : KWPN

------------------------------------------ SSS:
 Purioso (KWPN)
----------------- SS: King (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ SSD: Wanda (KWPN)
Sire: Ceasar Ter Linden (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ SDS: Ferro (KWPN)
----------------- SD: Lianne (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ SDD: Cindy (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ DSS: Voltaire (Hannoverian)
----------------- DS: Unistar (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ DSD: Celesta (KWPN)
Dam: Beaumara (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ DSS: Ekstein (KWPN)
----------------- DD: Jomara (KWPN)
------------------------------------------ DDD: Fomara (KWPN)

Registred in the following groups :

:iconda-equine-breeds: :iconhorseart-rpg: :iconkwpn: :iconequinerpg:


Character :
  Versy is a really particular kind of horse. In his head, he was always a noble horse. So he naturally act like it. He always had a high bearing, classy gaits and play of him. He particularly like to be the center of human attention. This horse is particularly smartand understand very fast what his owner (and rider) want to him. In work, he's a kind, and so attentive horse. Even if he's a stallion, he would never be distracted by other horses around him during the work sessions. When he's in there, that's for his rider, not for the other horses. He absolutely know when it's the recreative moment and when it's the work moment. This boy is wondrful by his calm attitude in any circumstance. With the other horses, he's particularly strict with the young ones and really cool with the older ones. He's dominant but absolutely respectful with the mares. 

Story : Versy is a 100% pure dutch horse, but he's born in France, in the famous stud farm of sport horses, the Haras de Hus. He stay with his mother to his eighth month. After that, he directly arrived in Ivory Hill Stables, where he stay in a field with some other young horses and some older horses to educate him. He stay in the field to his four years. At this age, he was ride for the first time, slowly, gently and easily. After that, he begin the real work and during this year, he gonna start the competitions, because his owner consider that this beautiful stallion is ready.  


Discipline : Eventing

Owner : Caelyne Fawkes
Rider : Grégoire Duvadier
Stables : Ivory Hill Stables

Tack :
Versace - Usual work tack by IvoryHillStables Versace - Cold season work tack by IvoryHillStables Versace - Rest Tack by IvoryHillStables Versace - Winter Exterior Tack by IvoryHillStables


Breed counter : Versace - Keuring Points Counter
KP : 6.5 KP
Rank : /

ERPG Counting points : Versace - ERPG Points Counter
Total : 29 pts
Rank : Star! Notable blood 


Breeding statut : Bullet; Green OPEN

Breeding slots :
Keys = Bullet; Purple On hold | Bullet; Black Used | Bullet; Green Open | Bullet; Red Closed  

Bullet; Purple Glitter Queen IHS Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Purple Vadieska IHS | Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Purple Gracia Fantasma IHS art payment : 0/6 Breeding pic | Foal | booked for marlene1snell   
Bullet; Purple Shamrock's Black Beau | Free | Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Green Mare Free | Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Green Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Red Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Red Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Red Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Red Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal
Bullet; Red Mare Free Breeding pic | Foal

Offsprings : --
Keys = Bullet; Pink Female / Bullet; Blue Male / Bullet; Purple KWPN / Bullet; Yellow Other Breed 

  • SHOWS :

Participation / Not judged :

Trophy  Prices / Results : 

Annual Welma H. Memorial Show II .-. A Way To Remember .-. / Welma H. Memorial II | RESULTS = 2nd place

Trophy Room :
Versace - Trophy Room by IvoryHillStables


Art (c) by IvoryHillStables
All Rights reserved
Horse line by myself
Ref : BlueBirdFeathers (deleted pic from dA)
Background : IHS Horses Ref Background (Inspired from a pay-to-use stock which I've paid ;) (Wink))
Software : Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CS.6
Bamboo Wacom 
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