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I've been trying to keep this to myself until it's at least mostly done...

...but this is a screenshot of the game I've been working on full time for over a month now.

It's a sidescroller/RTS about the color Black which I'll be begging you all to bug test for me in about 3 or 4 weeks.

After this is done and I take a fucking vacation, I'm actually going to be working on the other color games a little more seriously.  I want to at least do blue and green before I call it quits and it'd be nice to get them both done this year under more relaxed and financed circumstances.
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D: is this ever gonna see the light of day?
IvoryDrive's avatar
definitely yes. not in this form though, everything will be rewritten in a different language.
purple-tangerine's avatar
Yays. I like your color-games.
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and me. cause, well yeah. i love your games :]
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Yay. Black My Favourite Colour...Shade... Colour..Shade... Still your games kick ass so eh White should be next. You should make Colour as you last one where you have all the pervisous colours join. So... I am going to play orange :) Red is also Amazing :)
You deserve a Vaction lol.
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That art style looks so good. Now wrap that around small, 2D planets like in P.O.D. and combine with procedurally-generated buildings and units, and you have Spore 2D in Flash.
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don't tempt me. don't you even tempt me.
axcho's avatar

I suppose it will be up to me then... *sigh* May I be equal to the burden.
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wow looks absolutley sweet dude! cant wait for this game!
Malichi's avatar
Ah, It looks soo cool! I would still love to test for you!
hollywoodjesus's avatar
Get in! But yeh, take a holiday :)

I'll definately test it for ya matey!

wonderwhy-ER's avatar
wow. Looks cool :)
Disjuku's avatar
Excelent - if it is anything like the previous games, it should be very good!
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IvoryDrive's avatar
and spiders and giant walker mecha mechs, and jets and guided nukes and flying repair drones and huge bubble shields and and and and....
psstoff995's avatar
haha oo huge bubble shields? someones been watching the new halo 3 trailer
hah mecha mechs and nukes sounds tight, cant wait
IvoryDrive's avatar
I've seen that trailer now that you mention it, but alas, the idea came from somewhere else.
psstoff995's avatar
yeah? well as long as its hardcore like that opening trailer then i dont care. im very excited
oo and very much typing from my new dorm room
SG-SnakeHead's avatar

Aaand, vacation to Australia sounds good :P

Can't wait to see blue and green, and to play Black! HELL YES :D
IvoryDrive's avatar
I'd love to come to australia, believe me, but I'm afraid that'd eat all my precious little moneys at the moment.
SG-SnakeHead's avatar
Ah yes, we are fond of the moneys.
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Haha..i've already alpha tested it..

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I am going to bug test that with my soul.

MY SOUL. Gah, I can't wait...
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