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and prints!

So I'm making use of my prints account by posting some of the levels from 4 Differences up fo purchasin.

So if any of you fools feel like wasting money on my stuff, now I can say I'm not stopping you.

^_6!!pssst!!!there's secret unreleased hidden levels hidden in the gallery hidden for you to find!!!GOODLUCK!!!6_^
a challenger appears...…

a new game!

yall best get to spottin.
you could die today and this could be the last thing that you see
Thursday January 7, 2010

Today I named the floater in my right eye Hal.

From now on, he is important to me.

He flies around and redirects my attention.

My own personal Navi.


So I've been learning Adobe After Effects and it's blowing my mind.

I.  Love.                                        It.

I had no idea what it was really capable of until I really got my hands dirty, but now that I've made a few test renders... woooo buddy.  I'll probably be posting some of that stuff maybe, but I'll definitely be taking a stroll down animation lane here in the coming winter times.

You can animate liquify, man.  It oozes around and you can ANIMATE IT.  Any kind of effect you can apply in photoshop can be brought to life with After Effects.  It's unbelievable.

dotcommer knows what I'm talkin about, don't you dot.

Teach me.  Learn me.  Love me, dot.

[Sings in a baritone voice some ooohs and aaahs and daaaamns in a hella attempt at seduction that works]
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just checking in to let you know justhost is still pissing me off.

this time they're billing me after I've canceled my account.

that is all.
is a pile of shit.

for any of you unfortunate enough to currently be with them, try to cancel your account.  It's okay, you have to go through a million steps. You couldn't do it if you wanted to.  After you send your initial request to cancel your account, they make one last groping effort towards your service by offering you 6 free months of hosting.

So if any of you have this horse asshole as your webhost, you can either leave like you should, or send a request to cancel your account then accept their offer and steal 6 months of hosting from them.  Hell, in 6 months, try it again.  I bet it would work.

Good day.

I'm not dead!  HAHA!  On the contrary.  I've been working on another spot the difference game and it's nearly done.  What I'm excited about is submitting the levels here so you can all see that I haven't been a useless sack for the past few months.

I'm going to be submitting lots and lots that I've been doing lately and putting them up for prints too.  I'm kind of surprised I haven't set up a prints account before, I just figured no one would buy anything.


if you like Gorillaz, spend 90 minutes of your time on this baby.……

The differences in how babies and adults pay attention are primarily caused by the unformed nature of the prefrontal cortex, a brain area just behind the eyes. While the prefrontal cortex has been greatly enlarged during human evolution - it's responsible for a wide variety of cognitive abilities, from directed attention to abstract thought - it's also the last brain area to fully develop, and often isn't done developing until late adolescence.

Although scientists have long held the lack of a functional prefrontal cortex responsible for all sorts of "childish" behaviors, researchers are beginning to realize that, sometimes, it might actually be better to allow the prefrontal cortex to loosen its grip.

A recent brain scanning experiment by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that jazz musicians in the midst of improvisation - they were playing a specially designed keyboard in a brain scanner - showed dramatically reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex. It was only by "deactivating" this brain area that the musicians were able to spontaneously invent new melodies. The scientists compare this unwound state of mind with that of dreaming during REM sleep, meditation, and other creative pursuits, such as the composition of poetry. But it also resembles the thought process of a young child, albeit one with musical talent. Baudelaire was right: "Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will."
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if you don't click on this link, consider yourself surgically removed from my life.

this is such an unadulterated example of art, I don't have the words.

audio/video editing coupled with a brilliant rebellious web design, colors and a good url... this is the new bar as far as I'm concerned.

take notes.
when I'm browsing the internet and hear "CONGRATULATIONS YOUVE BEEN SELECTED TO..."

I immediately close your stupid fucking web page.
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  • Eating: philip k's dick
I read The Electric Ant by Philip K. Dick and I was like :-O !!!!!


it's braaaaains.
The more I read about quantum mechanics, the more I can almost hear god saying "Ooooh, they're getting close."
Yes, it's that time of the year again.  I've been messing around with my dad's power tools recently, so I'm selling those jones soda bottle paintings again.  I did a few for a couple people recently and it's got me in the christmas vibe.

So if any of you jolly old saint nick's wants to give someone a kickass present this year... you know...

If you send $20 to my paypal account ( along with an address and a flavor preference I'll send you one of these in a couple weeks.  I'll cover shipping and handling.

$20.  ehh?  EHH??

Each one is stenciled on red oak with spraypaint and has a jones soda label cut out and glued to the painting.  they've got wall hangers on the back too, so forgetabottit.

Also, I miiiiight even be able to swing doing another one of these for $50…
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and other things…
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delivers what it promises…
"Adobe Photoshop requires 1.1 GB of free disk space.  You have 912 GB remaining"