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this was a finger painting. it's about 4 feet wide.

spraypaint for the shadows, house paint for the black, white and red. applied with fingers.

took about 30 minutes, was listening to Incubus' album 'Light Grenades'.

c'mon remember who you are.
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Mar 20, 2007, 11:33:53 PM
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Dayyyum, this is real nice. C:
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Oh I like this a lot. A whole lot.
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looks kewl ;)
I really enjoyed this piece because I didn't see the picture, and then zap and understood the image. Very good feeling when you suddenly realize something like that.
Okay man, now that is some incredible finger painting, right there.
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heh, thanks. I plan on doing a lot more of these things in the future.
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no i really don't think so , you see and this is ot a critique on you work , it wasn't just that he planed to stand in front of the tank , he was coming home and decided to uphold the most pure essence of humanity , rebellion towards ones own values . he had no intension of being there he was caught in the moment and in that moment he chose to respect to the death his values hes beliefs . the groceries in his habds represented the random defense of what is valued by all SELF RESPECT AT ANY TIME not just any bystander but truthfully he who sees wrong at any time and by pure selfless interest defends his blind beliefs .
Its painted wonderfully and as anything is an expression of your pure self . but does it represent your feelings about 1 almost 10 ooo protesters being killed ? it was a spur of the moment and as such ....
I sincerely respect your stuff and because of this i post,
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Tianamen square aye? Looks good, I am getting some sort of realistic/surreal vibe from it...I think you should go tape this up next to some second graders work at Norris lmfao. All I could picture with that is some parent walking by and wondering who the hell did that.
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hahaha... I wish we did more finger painting in high school.
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ya, you dont even do it in 2-d design....
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Absolutly stuniging!!!
Doesnt he have grocierie ( dont know how to spell so sue me huh! =p ) bags in his hands in RL ?
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yeah, he had something on him, but for people who were really intimate with the pictures of the video, seeing bags in his hands would be confusing.
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Dude. Fingerpaints. Awesome. Remember kindergarten? That was soooooooo much fun. Too bad everything I painted sucked ass. :(
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everything everyone painted sucked ass. you need a few years on you before you can fingerpaint worth a damn.
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But it still kicked ass. I mean, I always ended up getting more paint on myself than on the paper, but who cares?!
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that's the way it should be man. in the end, your shirt should be the real canvas anyway.
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Dude, that's like deep, or something. Kudos.
i love incubus' new album.. its so inspiring..

i like the image you created
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damn , that is really cool
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hahaha i love this.
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2 cool i would so buy that
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That's absolutely absurd.

Minimilistic beauty is hard to find.

Also. That tile? Is the exact same tile in the basement of my house...and in my room. O.o

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