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it's 3mg with no loading bar, whine babies WHINE!!!

move your curser over the image to change the flow of time.

left = slow right = fast

I would love your input, what would you add to this if you had the chance?
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I know this is old, but it's really interesting. I've been watching it go and listening to the song all the way through. I've only ever heard the main part of the song, but the whole thing is very pretty, and it somehow fits this animation nicely. :)

Cityscapes are always so beautiful, especially with all the lights. It would be cool to see the stars all pop up one by one in this animation, even though it would probably take a lot work. :D
Maybe seasons/weather?

It's one of Chopin's preludes.
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there's something about this that makes me think . . . *deep in thought* ^ ^ verry nice job though !
hellllla, i know this song but i can't remember the title, what is that?
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Oh wow. This is amazing stuff.

Don't know what I could add. I think it's cool as it is.
Keep in mind I couldn't do anything remotely close to this yet but the shape of the windows is a little scetchey, Regardless I effing love it ^^ <3
Great job :) Fav for sure ^^
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Very nice!
I would add some boats, a plane, the moon, maybe even a few stars.
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I would have put stars and the moon in if I had any sense at the time.
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this is too much =(
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Perfect music to a perfect animation!
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I love the music xD its a very nice animation, very smooth
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i like this, Ivory its pleasant. as mentioned stars and whatnot would be nice. the only other suggestion i'd have is to make the skyline wider, and perhaps more detailed, then SLOW it down... i htink the max speed should be aobut as fast as the slowest current speed is. not to sound all high and pretentious, but art is supposed to make the eye linger, the reward is given way too quickly, MAKE us watch it for as long as you think or hope we will enjoy it! great work!
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that's true, I wondered if it was going too fast, and I agree about making the person wait, but it's so fun to look at it going at hyper speed and think of a planet whizzing by, coming one day closer to extinction, but never really changing from day to day.

my idea was that it's the same city, regardless of what time, or day, or year it was. kind of depressing I spose. it makes me think about life slipping away.
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ha ha i can make the light go to the piano.
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You have the sun, but where's the moon? Stars?
Great animation. Really like it & the music!
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I got lazy and finished up early :-)

a sun and moon would be great, like with the stars slowly rotating around all in sync in a big slow galactic circle as the earth rotates.
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Oh yes, that would be neat.
Maybe you find the time to make a new one. :D .
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what sound did you use here?
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I don't remember the name of the song anymore, but if you search the other comments I'm sure I've said it before :-)
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what if you did a person going through their ages like them growing up or something
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Oh! Is this based on a view of any actual city, or on what-everybody-knows-cities-look-like?
Either way it's magnificent.
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