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3am... restless
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Nov 6, 2007, 6:13:45 AM
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These sort of things always make me very happy.
nice done!
You're tiny little voice traveling through a city that's too naive to hear.
Good job Case.
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I love this sort of thing. The kinda thing that gives you a feeling of a sweet, witty contentness, like when your best friend tells a personal joke that only you could ever understand. Keep it up.:)

Also, what's that song playing on your website?
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Heh, thanks. that's what I was aiming for but I couldn't tell if it was something only I would think was funny or not.

Anyway, The song title is "Concerning the UFO sighting near Highland, IL" by Sufjan Stevens off his album Illinois, which I'd highly recommend if you liked that song.
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well, thank you very much! It's a great song=].
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that's great. what is the red object?
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a statue. it's giant and moves in the wind.
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i miss u.

lame, but true
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We should go hang out at the mill again.
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u mean crescent moon? haymarket?

I wish I could find time, i'm so bad at trying to get together with people.
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you've started typing u instead of you... have you been texting lately?
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yip. not my fault. and im-ing. sux. life sux right now.
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they've got you saying 'sux' too?

oh stefanie...

where have I gone wrong?
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well, you haven't talked to me for a while. whatever.

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^.^' whats a stencil? half the time i have nnnooo idea what's goin' on...

i never thought about conversations...that works really well.
do more of it!
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this is quality.
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i really like this. i dont know why. i like the simplicity, and the idea. i think that it seems like a reflection of the kind of people who are into street art, but not really the art part.. just the vandalism part. does that make sense to you? you know, like they have nothing to say, they are just doing it and they dont know why. its cold and stupid, but they still do it without a real statement involved.
i dont know if that makes any sense, but im trying here.
i really really like it though!
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hmmm, I never thought about it that way. it's interesting how differently people can perceive a little note like this...
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thast teh beauty of art. i hope my opinion of what it could represent doesnt offend you. it really is a wonderful piece.
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not at all :-) I'm glad you liked it.
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