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an art project... not really a game.
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This is beautifully done! :wow: I love all the different scenes, very creative. :)

Can you tell me what's going on with the floating guy in the pulsating room? o.O My first impression was that he's high...
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To be honest, when I decided to play this game, I expected it to be boring. But soon I realized that this is really entertaining and well done and the scenes are very original, I was always wondering what amazing scene will come next. Moreover, Finding all the differences wasn't as easy as I expected it to be, and many of them were quite tricky.

So, thank you for entertaining me and keep up the good work!
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great work. very unique motives and fun to play!
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"awesome !" is an understatement
I love your style of drawing~! <3 The whole game was extremely catching (in the addictive sense) from start to finish!
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beautiful work
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This is sweet! it gets really addicting as it gets harder....
but there's a couple bugs in it. Sometimes certain elements will appear the same when they're really differences.
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Once again, I rememeber playing this one on a different website ^_^

This is truly beautiful ga-*cough*art project ^_^

Hehe~ Free Hugs and no one didn't give him a guys : <

Btw, how long did you make this art project?

Awesome job again :3

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Thanks for playing :-) This one took 1 month from start to finish.
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That is truly the greatest looking flash game! And it's not a typical flash game (such as dress-up, maze, snake, etc.). You put so much work into it, and it shows. I LOVE the animation! It's just perfect! Good job. :)
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Not only was this entertaining, but it was beautiful as well. I really love that this was animated (and so smoothly!), and the surrealism is wonderful. Full of unique ideas and not too easy, not too difficult. Really fantastic job!
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Thanks :-) I've got another one coming out soon...
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Awesome. I'm looking forward to it!
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That was pretty awesome, took me about half an hour and some serious staring.
Nice job, how long did this take to make though, just because I'm curious...?
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this one took about a month and a half :-)
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Some flash game including to find something, excellent vector backgrounds, some outstanding pretty glowing bright colors like a Christmas lights, and anything great! I pass that game, because I'm done this one.:thumbsup:

The best flash game ever..

"...죽이다." (...kill.)O_O :skull:
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i have played this game a number of times on different websites, but this time, i realized that you listen to radiohead, and now i realize that the park area regulations is based off of fitter happier by them
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Could you help me? I can't get past the fourth one
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very creative, fun game... you got an A+
chipmunk-of-the-doom's avatar
that was great!!!!!!!
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GAH!! You're very sneaky sneaky by putting in the distractions!!

I had to actually use print screen in order to help me find the differences!! Especially for the one where there was a guy holding the white brief case and the boy walking the atom!!

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