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Hey guys, I finally hit 300 watchers, and I'd like to celebrate with a small contest!

It's just your typical "draw my OC for a prize" kind of thing since it's so small, so let's get started!

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Must be a watcher to participate (this is for you guys, after all). New is welcome to participate and I don't really care if you stop watching me after the contest. It's not something I can moderate without going crazy anyways.

  2. Try and keep them in character. It may be a bit tricky, but I'm also a bit loose with this rule since I haven't posted much story about my characters.

  3. No NSFW, fetishes, or sexual material. My world is not based around that and I can't say I'll accept any entries around this theme. Sorry.

  4. Blood and gore is okay, however if you decide to do gore, keep it somewhat light for the public's sake.

  5. There is no limit to how many deviations you can enter, so long as they follow the rules and themes.

Contest Theme

So basically, as a start, I will explain the world they live in, very briefly.

  1. It's cursed. This world met a magical ruin many years ago, when a divine being released a magical pulse throughout the world that corrupted most sources of energy. People, animals, and even certain places, remain corrupted by a life-eating magic. This corruption leaves things somewhat lifeless/soulless, and leaves a very tainted appearance to it. Basically, the world is very sick.

  2. Whatever character interaction you want to do that follows the rules and somewhat of the biographies presented is fine. Also loose on this due to, again, not much story presented over them. Just draw the characters lol


Citrine Bloodclover
Tephra redesign
Kulvir Makarovich
Lylah Klyn and Nox

:dance:Link to their biographies :dance:

▶️ ◀️


  • First Place:

1 month core membership/diamond badge on winning deviation.

Fullbody piece of up to 2 characters in this art style (smooth colored):

Cursed Kelpie
Casting Pearls
  • Second place:

Halfbody piece of 1 character in this art style (painted colored):

Lion Siren
Dragon Concept
  • I can draw anything from humans to animals, to Sonic characters to scenery.

  • Will not draw NSFW or sexual material.

How to join

Just post in the comments "I want to join" or something like that so I know you're gonna be participating. If I don't read your comment before you post your entry, that's fine. I've had that happen before and it doesn't bug me at all.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask me.

You must have a DeviantArt Account to participate. It's the only way I can give you the CORE membership prize, sorry.

~Also sharing this would be appreciated~


@commandercream @humble-3 @FlowerPlushFox @lunathefnaffan @yaHanya @sonicdubsva @smudgedpasta @sonicsped2

Deadline: October 20th
© 2021 Ivory-Void
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sonicsped2's avatar

I would like to join ^^

Ivory-Void's avatar
commandercream's avatar

how loose are you willing to get with the personailities and junk cause i really wanna do something funny with tephra i mean like with how in character

Ivory-Void's avatar

Tephra's pretty emotionless himself (reading their bios will help a lot with that. I got a link under their refs that goes to my

I don't think doing something funny would take much away from it, but it really depends. I wouldn't take too much credit away from you, though, cuz it's hard to get their personalities down from a lack of story.

commandercream's avatar

i see ill be honest anything other then comedy is not my strong suit but i can try

Ivory-Void's avatar

Ah, that's alright. Just do your best, and again, I'm still a bit loose with characterization.

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Oh boy, hooman people 😅 That'll be a good excuse to practice!

I'd love to participate! Congrats on 300!

Ivory-Void's avatar

Yup XD

Thank you!

FlowerPlushFox's avatar

I’d love to take part! You have some neat characters

lunathefnaffan's avatar
yaHanya's avatar

I’ll give it a go!

smudgedpasta's avatar

I'd like to join if I have time, ironically you post this literally on the day school starts up again and I have like 9 hour school days now XD

Ivory-Void's avatar

Oh my gosh XD

It's over a month deadline, so hopefully you get some time lol

sonicdubsva's avatar

I would like to join on in!

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