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I look. I look a lot. But I don't comment real often. I can be a harsh critic, but I am not a jackass on purpose. If I critque a piece, it's usually because I actually LIKE it.

I like 2-D & 3-D equally, but I have issues with almost all "renders." I won't normally ping somebody on the following, because I don't know how much is simply a limitation of the software. Also...I am reluctant to pick on something that somebody may have spent a small fortune to buy once you consider the base program and all the elements associated with it. But here goes my list of render peeves...
Light...light inside of mouths, inside of nostrils, on the underside of breasts where they connect to the body and in the cracks of butts! People...these areas should be shadowed.
Feet that don't touch the ground.
Clothing that floats instead of drapes. Especially sheer fabrics. And clothing that has no mass to it. (And for that matter, armor that has no mass to it!)
Strings, cords, straps, etc. that hold clothing to or against the body that...well...float.
Hands that don't GRIP what they are holding.
Hair that looks like its from a Barbie. (Nothing against Barbie!)
Breasts with no mass. I'm all for perky breasts, but if she's on her back, they shouldn't still be pointy! And if she's leaning forward, they should, well, hang, droop, sag. Choose your term.
Bodies in motion that look posed. Like someone dressed up a mannequin and dropped it into the scene.
Body parts with no mass and no give. When couples are embracing, the flesh should...squish together. Not look like Barbie and Ken, or Barbie and Barbie against each other.

Those are my peeves. Yes, I suspect most, if not all, of them are limitations of the program. And no...I couldn't render my way out of a paperbag. But I can't throw a football and I don't think I would be able to effectively swim with sharks on Capitol Hill, but that doesn't keep me from having issues with my favorite teams or grousing about our politicians either!

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kanderson137Professional General Artist
Thanks for the kind words.
Whats ur HF ID we can chat there ;)
Thanks for the visit! :)
Any time. I was particularly enjoying the Sniper Wolf images.
PS: I guess it's obviouse I don't check messages very often! [insert sheepish grin here]
MarkIrwinProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fave!