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Tutorial: Fake/Faux Cotton Candy

By iViViFiED
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Here finally is the much requested cotton candy tutorial! :D
Thank you for your patience!

Have fun! I tried to break down the steps as simple as possible. Let me know how your cotton candies turn out. :]

Note about part III:
If you're worried about the stability of tucking, my cotton candy was put through 2 long con days (+ travelling) and did not deteriorate or change condition at all. :D

Why make fake cotton candy?
:bulletpink: It's not sticky.
:bulletblue: It won't melt.
:bulletpink: It lasts longer.
:bulletblue: Easier to transport.
:bulletpink: It's a prop!

:damphyr:Get in touch with me on :facebook: facebook, if you like. :]
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CutePengy's avatar
omg!!!! thank you !!
D1rtaH's avatar
Your props are awesome~!
baka-imouto's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial. Polyester stuffing alone didn't have the right texture, but this will do it! 
MissTooni's avatar
This is just what I needed! Very awesome! 
calmingeffects's avatar
just used this tutorial to make some cotton candy for my chopper cosplay and got a lot of comments on it!  thanks for the tutorial!…
brandipinette's avatar
using this for my Roxy Laonde trickster cosplay c:
Degonia's avatar
GetFursonal's avatar
Thank you so much! This is adorable!
LittlestSweetShop's avatar
So cool! Might try it in miniature ;)
Medonii's avatar
I think i gonna use this for my Pinkie Pie cosplay x3
Thanks !
midgarangel's avatar
This is an amazing tutorial, thank you!! I was wondering how to make some fake cotton candy for a hairpiece!
Rose-Pastel's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I had a similar idea to obtain a cotton candy effect, but I wasn't quite sure were to start. It gives me a lot of new ideas!
Zahira-Grigsby's avatar
Thank you for sharing this. I totally will make this.
smashinbeauty's avatar
TheDarkLittleBunnY's avatar
Thank you so much to take the time to make this and for leting me know about it!
nikkib197's avatar
great! can't wait to try it!!
AhLahLee's avatar
Genius! It looks sooo fluffy!
Yuki5188sudo's avatar
So cute! wish it was edible tehe
SugarElfDreams's avatar
iViViFiED's avatar
:D Your's still turned out great, too!
SpookyInk's avatar
This is AWESOME.
I work at a toy store & sweet shop and we've been wanting candy props for a long time!
So today I started making these, currently waiting for them to dry, and my boss is going to be ecstatic!

Too cute!
iViViFiED's avatar
That's wonderful!! I'm sure they'll turn out great! Would love to see the display :D
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