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IVISEK's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
I'm a girl who likes to do and watch art
and also listening music

Hello there and welcome to my page

You can call me IVI
you can speak to me in English but it’s not my native language so sorry for the grammar

I’m here because I like to watch art and I would like to meet some friendly people and show my art and learn something new and improve my skills

I draw fantasy creatures like basilisk, phoenix etc. But mostly dragons or I create some original creatures and original characters.
I Also draw human like creatures but i still need more practise XD
My style is cartoonish so you will not see anything realistic
I use MSpaint and GIMP

You don’t have to thank me for Watch, favs etc. You are so welcome
I also don’t want to get your page messy by my response so Thank you for any support you give me!!!

Thank you for visiting my page
Have a nice day.


Johny the dragon
This is for TLC-Official
I WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Party Have your cake and eat it too Party

Hope you like it:)

OC belongs to TLC-Official
Art by me
Analisin the spirit
This is for AnalisinOwl
I WISH YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Party Have your cake and eat it too Party
Hope you like it:)

OC belongs to AnalisinOwl
Art by me
Demon Diablo
It's been a while since I draw this fatty
I was experimenting with his design a little bit and I came up with this and I actually like it?
I mean, his ref is still actual but I think this will be his new look
Anyway, I was working on his story a little bit too and I added some details

After that he was hit by an Amora's arrow of feelings, he started to hiding and wasn't so active anymore and there was relative peace.
But the great council of guardian angels were still very concerned and they argued what they supposed to do with Diablo.
Because of the fact it was unknown how to kill Diablo, the council had to reject the execution (temporarily).
So the council suggested to imprison him forever or at least until they find the way how to kill him.
Amora rejected the suggestion and asked them to give Diablo a chance, so Amora suggested thad Diablo would be a guardian of the old forbidden ruins.
The council wasn't very happy with that suggestion at first but the old ruins needed some guardian and Diablo was a quite good candidate and there was also a fact he would be still under control so the council accepted Amora's idea.

Diablo (fortunately for him) accepted Amora's idea because it was a good opportunity how to hide from the world and he also didn't have anything else to do but he  had one condition - He would guard the ruins his way
In the coming years Diablo lived in the ruins and kill any thief who had approached.
There is no mortal who would know why the old ruins are forbidden. Maybe there is a big treasure or some magical artifacts or something else.
Even Diablo doesn't know why the ruins are forbidden but he doesn't care about it. Only the supreme of immortals knows it and they want it to stay that way.
It doesn't matter how many people lose their life in the ruins. There are still some daredevils (fools) who want to get in but nobody gets over Diablo.

Diablo seems to be a ruthless monster but he kills only those who come to the ruins (or he tries at least) because those who has entered into the ruins were those who just wanted to steal. The only guests that Diablo has ever had were thieves so he automatically attacks anyone who get in so those who would like to just see the ruins, should change their mind because Diablo does not ask and he also does not trust that easily.

Little fact about Diablo - His breath smells like a rotten meat XP

I drew this a week ago but I wanted to upload it after I come up with more details for his story
I think that's all I've came up with for now.:D
Here you can find more about his story link
Hope you like it and sorry about my English

OC/art belong to me

Little rusty griffin
I don't give her as much attention as she deserve so here you have her.
Blueeye's "sister" Rustyfeather.

Hope you like it:)

OC/art belong to me
Running Blueeye Doodle4
Run, Blueeye! Run!!!
Another trad doodle:D
Hope you like it:)

OC Belongs to me
Guys, check this out!!!
<da:thumb id="770039018"/>


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