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Free myo  :.BIIRUSU.: (closed) by Ichi-2-zero

Hi guys, I'm back at it again with selling characters. A lot of them are MLP and the like, so come one come all pony lovers!!

Here's the toyhou'se I've got my characters in:

OFF LIMIT CHARACTERS: Characters with double asterisks around their name (like Crybaby and Eddie)

Here's a few highlights:



Selling Characters

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 9, 2018, 7:26 PM

Hello fellow kids. I'm currently overstocked on characters and want to sell them for some quick money to help out a friend financially!!!

So, here's the meat.

For Sale folder ->…
Characters that aren't main ones that I might be willing to part with ->…

And the VIP! Very Important Pup!!!…

He was bought as apart of a species but I got clearance from the species owner to sell him as a regular canine character or whatever you want him as. He's a Jewelkin from :iconjewelkin-junkies: and the designer is @/strawberrais (don't wanna tag so I don't notify them hah).

Percy the lop rabbit
Ashe the pitbull

Memes completed
Hypothetical child meme

Event participation
Heat Wave event
Halloween event

Lop Goth (Percy)

Item sheet
I'm not sure how much plainer I can make it without sounding like a douche but I don't wanna go on a walk with my at-home therapist counsellor 'feelings manager' or whatever fucking fancy title they gave her to make her feel special.

I just wanna be like

Edit if anyone gives a fuck: MY grandmother no longer is allowing her to see us.
The sun was beating down on the sidewalk in front of Ashe's small, two-bedroom home as she filled a kiddie pool with a long, blue hose. She was just in her sports bra and a pair of swim trunks, smoking a nice cigarette, as the other dog, Axel, was in swim trunks similar to hers. The tall male was groaning impatiently.

"This is so tiny but it's taking an hour to fill it." Axel sighed as he sat in the kiddie pool, right under the water stream that was making a small and colorful rainbow. 

"Well, if some butt monkey wasn't constantly making me spray them in the face to get a drink, it would be filled. Stop complaining, it's way too hot to argue. I'm sweating so much it's getting gross." Ashe puffed on her cig and blew the smoke out, her grey and white hair flying back a little as she did. The male just smirked at the pitbull as he soaked his hair under the stream. 

After Ashe finally filled the kiddie pool, she tossed the hose aside and climbed in, in front of Axel, her legs laying across his lap and out of the side of the pool. It was extremely tiny since the two dogs were such big, bulky and tall breeds; it worked to cool them down slightly in the hot 110 degree weather. 

Axel scooped water and threw it on Ashe's hair. "So, why be nice to me? I don't deserve this. You should have invited a stray or something from the boarding house." 

She chuckled, "I have. There's a few inside crowded around the AC. I've welcomed everyone who needs shelter to my house for the day! I can't... really house them, but we can figure something out together, pal o' buddy, Ax. Whaddya say?" The pit smirked wide as Axel now chuckled.

"I'll do whatever I can for people in need. Especially because I like you, Ashe~." The doberman sighed again, but with content as the water quickly warmed up. Ashe splashed water out and added more cold water as some of the strays came out to see what was going on. The pitbull finished her cigarette and tossed the filter onto the grass after putting it out. She sprayed the strays with the hose now, Axel laughing loudly as she did. The other animals were squealing and giggling with happiness, getting cooled down.

Axel took over the hose as Ashe got out of the kidding pool and went inside. She got a bunch of empty totes and filled the with ice. She dragging them out one by one and Axel helped fill them up with the water from the blue hose. The strays each took dibs on one tote each; there was 5 or 6 extras, neighborhood kids coming out to see the commotion at Ashe's house. 

"Hey kiddos. Go get your bathing suits and have a nice swim with us all. If your parents say you can, of course." Axel said, his tail wagging like crazy and throwing water everywhere from his fur. The kids started to run back home quickly and soon returned in bathing suits, Axel and Ashe lifting them into totes to have a nice dip with the animals. Most of the kids Ashe knew from doing therapy work, so they weren't totally scared of her, knowing she wouldn't hurt them, and trusted Axel too. 

It was like a huge redneck pool party in Ashe's front yard; she hooked up the sprinklers to her hose and set it in the middle of it all before turning into her big dog form. The grey pitbull ran through the waterstream with her mouth wide open, Axel doing the same too. The kids were delighted, and the strays were cheering loudly when the kids mimicked the two large dogs gracefully. What a lovely day it turned out to be, despite the heat, and despite the gross mugginess starting to settle.

Word count: 661, 3,501 characters
Axel (c) :iconpupzilla:
Ashe (c) :iconiviorgue:

For :iconhappy-tails: Heat Wave event!

Percy the Bun Babe

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2016, 4:52 PM

Stolen from: :iconashfaii:

1. Pick a character you've created.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were that character.


1. What is your name?

Percival. Like some fancy Greek sounding shit. Percy for short, or Alice when I'm feeling girly.

2. Do you know why you were named that?
Percival was one of the knights of Arthur's round table or something. My mom was a nerd for fairytales.

3. Single or taken?
*stares at Arrow* *sweats furiously* S-single...

4. Have any abilities or powers?
I can turn into a full-blown French Lop, which is super cute!

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
*flips you off* Eat me out first.

6. What's your eye color?
Green like fresh cut grass.

7. How about hair color?
Ash-y blonde, with some lighter blonde highlights. I might dye it mint green. ARROW, HELP ME DYE MY HAIR!! :3c

8. Have you any family members?
Nope. But Ashe is like a sister to me, I guess.

9. Ok, how about pets?
I am a pet. This is racist.

10. That's cool. Now tell me something you dislike!
Meat. I mean, I eat bacon sometimes and I cry a little after but otherwise no meat.

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do?
I like being cute. That's totally a hobby.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
No. I don't think so. I might have hurt Arrow like once when I got smashed on strawberry champagne?

13. Ever… killed anyone before?
*laughs* ... *laughs harder* No.

14. What kind of animal/pokemon are you?
French Lop. Purebred, baby!

15.  Name your worst weaknesses.

I... tend to fall in love with people who are nice to me. Especially when they're cute too. 

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

I have to literally look up to Ashe and Arrow.

17. Are you straight, gay, or bisexual?
Bisexual, with a male preference.

18. Do you go to school?
S...kool? Kidding, I'm not a fucking dumbass. I went to elementary with my first owner but other than that, no. But I'm really good at math.

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
*looks at Arrow again and sweats more, hiding his face in his shirt*
20. Do you fanboy/fangirl?
I really like Kesha. I cry about it. I used to wake up Ashe in the middle of the night and cry about her.

21. What's your favorite food?
Lettuce! I eat it like potato chips.

22. Am I annoying you?
Never, I love the attention~.

23. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
Middle class, I guess. Me and Arrow have a bit of a money problem right now though. 

24. How many friends do you have?
Like, fucking 2.

25. What are your thoughts on pie?
*buries his face into apple pie and furiously eats it out, probably freaking people out*

26. Favorite drink?
Strawberry anything. Except milkshakes. Oreo milkshakes are the bomb.

27. What's your favorite place?
I like to go to cutesy 50s style diners.

28. Are you interested in anyone?
*looks at Arrow yet again* Umm.

29. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Ocean! The sand is nice under my feet.

30. What's your type?

Archery is always nice. ;)

31. Any fetishes?
A lot. I like rough sex, I like biting, I like whips, I like being tied up. Sweet, gentle morning sex is nice too. I can finally, legally, have sex!

32. Same or Like?

33. Camping or Indoors?
Camping, if there's not a ton of bugs. If so, we're staying inside.

34. Any preferred weapons?
Umm.... I mean, if I had to pick something to kill someone with, I'd love to use one of those cool butterfly knives. I get wet watching people twirl those things, holy fuck--

35. Any Alternate Selves? 


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 10:21 AM
I forgot to celebrate my favorite baby's birthday! It was June 16th, and he's officially 18 in human years!

In celebration, I'll have some art to draw. Many wishes to my now-adult babe Percy and what he might get into the following year. Will he smoke? Will he have sex? Will he gET MARRIED? 

No; he'll probably just cry on the bathroom floor eating Krave cereal while he tries to constantly call Arrow about getting old.

Journal Skin by: VladNoxArt
The format was (stolen) borrowed from :iconxx-sparrow: their prefs were set up so nicely hnng. ;;

I'm a gross 16 YO genderfluid and you're watching Disney channel. I go to a vocational school so I don't have a ton of free time, but if you want to still roleplay, don't be shy. I'm a little shy at first though but I warm up to people fairly quickly. My schedule has changed slightly.

6 AM - 1:30 PM is spotty and when I'm at school.
1:30 PM - 11 PM is perfect since I'm wide awake.
All day Saturday and Sunday!

Some lowdown ground rules
  1. No God-Modding please. ^^
  2. Don't take control of my actions unless it's just a quick like "X had Y follow them" stuff like that.
  3. No Meta-gaming. (use of prior knowledge of the character where they otherwise wouldn't know pretty much.)
I do third-person paragraph style. I do script style when I'm just messing around.

Checkmark Icon Discord, Email, Notes > Chatzy, Telegram, Skype
X Icon Comments, Google Docs

Style Pref for You/Grammar+Spelling
I prefer if you do paragraph third person, but I have no issue with first person. Script style looks weird with paragraph style personally. #aesthetic 

I have no problem with some bad grammar or spelling. It happens. I'm not shy with asking what you meant. If I see you typing to correct yourself or whatever, I'll let you do so. I do the same. Do it too please, even if it takes like 7 messages to correct it all.


Reply Rate:
Pssh, it can range from 2 minutes later to an hour or so later to even longer. I am forgetful, I am lazy and I'm plain not interested enough at that time. If you respect that, you can literally not reply for 4 days and I will be 100% okay with it. I'm a very nice, friendly and patient person.

PLEASE!! TALK TO ME!!!!! GIVE ME ATTENTION!! Literally I love making new friends. As long as you remember me saying "OMFG I'm going to literally fight you stOP" roughly translates to "I'm literally choking with laughter and it's your fault omg I love you." then I think we'll get along just fine. I'm a very humorous person IMHO. Using brackets "( )" or the Garnet square mom brackets "[ ]" or anything else like that works just fine.

I'm shit. No joke. i 100% don't mind writing starters though! I'm awkward and beat around the bush sometimes before starting if I'm a little clueless. Otherwise, expect a good 5-6-10 sentence starter. sup mofo who r u (CHAT ICON :D) 

If you want to roleplay specific characters with me, please tell me! No need to be shy about it. Otherwise, I will suggest you my favorite babies.

It isn't automatic sometimes, at least for me. Being Grey-Aro sort of, I really do value friendship a lot, so it can always be friends to lovers kinda stuff. Unless stated otherwise, the character is single and ready to mingle. Judy - Icon  

Roleplay Limits
Bullet; Green=Alright :D
Bullet; Blue=Sure maybe
Bullet; Black=No thanks!

Romantic roleplays, friendly roleplays, some horror roleplays, family roleplays, etc. Bullet; Green 
Gore, torture, stuff like that. Bullet; Blue 
Rape, incest, heavy gore/guro, heavy kinks. Bullet; Blue 
Crossovers! AUs! K I D S!!!!!!!!!!!! Bullet; Green 
Slightly sexual roleplays maybe fully sexual if I know you idk. Bullet; Blue
One liners constantly. Bullet; Black 

Character List: TBA!
Timezone: Eastern Time, US and Canada (UTC-05:00). Aka I live in Ohio's graceful cornfields. I see nothing but corn. My computer is corn. I am corn. Everything is corn. I see nothing but cornfields. 

Cinnadog MYO ($30)
Dainty MYO (OBTAINED 9/5!!)
Scented Pony MYO ($8)
Hantai Neko Pony MYO ($Unknown)

Gonna buy? Gonna buy? Gonna buy? 
<da:thumb id="604104665"/>
Included in the story, with permission, is the group mascot/owner's jewelkin Nohr.

<da:thumb id="599426312"/>


It was a very cold day in mid-February, water frozen and windowpanes frosted. The Jewel Springs, though, was completely untouched from the somewhat harsh conditions. The milky blue jewelkin stepped out of the water of the springs, shaking water off of him like a dog. The tag around his neck reading '74' made soft little tingling sounds as he shook. Milk took a slight glance around the springs before letting off a soft sigh that turned into a smokey grey in the cold. Milk was in love with winter and the cold temperatures, but because his jewel was Opal, he had to be very very careful because his gems could easily expand and crack especially around the springs.

Milk sat beside the springs and pawed at the dirt and rocks, pushing it around to reveal a small bag he had buried full of his favorite colored crystals gathered from the springs just a few weeks back. He pulled the drawstring open and buried his nose into the bag happily, pulling out a red stone and snacking away.

After a small, cold snack of a red gem, he picked the bag back up. Milk tucked the bag into his collar before he heard a snap; a twig broke under the weight of another being and startled him greatly. The jewelkin glanced around quickly to see who was approaching. It was definitely something that was approaching fast. 

Next thing Milk had known, he was knocked to the ground, by the weight of something -- someone --, the wind getting knocked out of him. As he coughed and wheezed for air, Nohr wagged his tail like a dog. 

"Goodness, Nohr. You just about killed me. You spoon." Milk finally regained air in his lung after much struggling and flailing like a dying bird under the other jewelkin. 

"You can't die unless your gem gets damaged, so don't play me like that." Nohr said with a devilish and victorious grin, Milk headbutting him in the neck to get him off. The lighter colored jewelkin got up from the dirt and rocks, shaking a bit as Nohr recovered from the sudden blow. Milk wasn't much for rough-housing like Nohr was (if you could call wanting to shank things 24/7 'rough-housing') but he was just as capable of messing around with him. 

"Either way, I felt like I was drowning and it's all your fault." Milk retorted, nose pointing toward the air. Nohr moved back slowly before running at Milk again, plowing his weight into the other and knocking him back to the ground, almost like he was trying to prove his strength to the Opal creature. "NOHR! ACK."

Nohr snickered easily before running off out of the trees, and starting down the mountainside. Milk huffed with annoyance at his dirty fur and some scrapes he suffered. He crouched down like a cat ready to pounce before easily launching himself into a tree and jumping tree to tree to catch up to the darker jewelkin.

Milk had not accounted for all the jumping tiring him out; his focus was on getting Nohr back and scaring him, so his mind wasn't on being careful. He tried the last of at least a few 30 long and high jumps and didn't make it, his body not being able to make the jump as he started a long and treacherous fall down the side of the mountain.

The other jewelkin's ears perked at the noise of scraping and cracking above him, and as his head turned, the limp body of the other creature plowed him and knocked him down too. The two tumbled down the mountainside before coming to a rough stop in the dirt below, Nohr laying overtop Milk. Nohr instantly checked his jewels, noticing one was scraped and chipped a bit, but nothing too dangerous. His worry then flashed to the jewelkin under him as he checked the gems, seeing one severely cracked and damaged.

Milk wasn't moving, but was breathing softly. Nohr scrunched his face up. "Okay, you got me. Get up, walk it off. We're alright." He huffed. The cold February air nipped at his words and his nose, the lighter jewelkin not responding. "Come on, cut it out." Nohr was a bit of a vigilante and stone-hearted sometimes, but he knew how dangerous a cracked gem could be.

Nohr grabbed Milk's back paw, and tugged at it roughly, growling a bit with anger at Milk's refusal to move. He was dragged through the dirt a bit by the slightly larger jewel creature before his other paw nailed him in the nose. "Get off me, you peasant." He croaked.

The sun poked out from behind a cloud just then, warming the fur of both Nohr and Milk and they both laughed weakly together. The breeze was still harsh and cold, but being together like that made them both warm at the heart, warming their souls and their jewels, and the two had no worries as they helped each other walk back to Milk's home in the trees. Winter didn't last much longer after that afternoon, and it became warm and green again; it was like an unforgotten friend finally arrived to their lives again and brought them the beauty of spring rains and warm lakes.



I do not own Milk (yet? or at all? Who knows.) nor do I own Nohr. This is for a WTA contest to adopt Milk. 
I wish luck to all other entrants! :happybounce: 

I'm not a very good writer but ehh. It was fun to do!