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Data Scouting out Upgrades :MLP: by IvIorgue Data Scouting out Upgrades :MLP: by IvIorgue
Data is an outdated cybernetic pegasus who overheats too fast and their battery dies quickly, so they constantly scout out upgrades. 

Name: Just... Data. They had a very science-y name, but everyone calls them Data.
Species: Self-made- cybernetic pegasus
Gender: None, they're a computer-robot hacking AI
Pronouns: They/them of course. 
Personality: Data is a friendly AI that, close to overheating or dying, can get moody and very grouchy. 

Data is an AI made for computer hacking; they plug their USB end into a computer and can download files directly into their memory, corrupt files in the machine they plug into, and they can carry lots of files in their memory. Data has a chip that looks like a smaller floppy disk that is inserted at their hairline that gets taken out to clear/update their hardware. While the disk is out of their head, they stand very stiff and their eyes turn black, like a computer screen powering off; without the disk, they cannot function. Data is an outdated AI though, and that tends to make them overheat quickly trying to hack/download files, they download files slower, and their charge time is a lot longer than the newer models, but their creator always had a soft spot for Data and kept them around.

After becoming outdated, they were put out of commission for hacking, but they are still able to hack and download all files correctly. Being an AI, they are not able to reproduce... normally. There is ways for them to reproduce, but it's a very weird experience for Data and they refuse to do it. Now, they just live their life like a normal pony that can't go in water... or hang out too long before dying/overheating... and everything else that an AI can't do due to being a robot.

To charge: They do it like a phone USB adapter. . They can also charge while plugged into a computer, if they so choose.
To cool down: Data has built in vents 'hidden'; the vent is their ears, and it hisses and revs with hot air, sometimes hot enough to burn a normal pony. The metal of their ears reach scorching temperatures that sometimes burns holes in anything they touch.
When charging: Their hair cycles through different colors, acting like a nightlight for foals and fillies. The bright parts of them (the neon light blue) glow dimly and flash softly like little stars. Data is like a babysitter and nightlight all in one. Data does not need to lay down when charging, and can stand stiffly, but they prefer to lay down as to not freak other ponies out.

Base: :iconselenaede:
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April 27, 2016
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