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Ashe DeLance :HT: by IvIorgue Ashe DeLance :HT: by IvIorgue
Animal form headshot: A commission I bought from :iconactualcheetah: please look at their wonderful art. ;o

Name: Ashe DeLance
Age: 20 in human years
Gender: Cis-female, she/her
Height: 5'10
Breed: American Pitbull Terrier
Job: Was once a show dog many years back, but now she works as an unofficial official therapy dog
Partner: None
Sexual orientation: Pansexual, panromantic
+Alert: Being a dog, she's constantly alert and attentive too. She can be a scatterbrain, but she does focus well.
+Friendly: Pitbulls can be mean, sure, but so can other breeds of dogs! She's very friendly and loves kids and the elderly, meaning she likes going to schools and hospitals and be a therapy dog of sorts. She also likes visiting the farms and seeing other animals like her.
=Stubborn: When Ashe has an idea, she's set to it. It's hard to change her mind when she's figured out what she wants.
-Obsessive: Ashe loves cartoons and anime, so I hope you're ready for her to scream about it, cry about it, make AUs and bug you about theories at 4 AM when you have work the next morning. She also obsesses over any little person that shows any kind of interest in her.
-Masochistic: Ashe gets hurt being so friendly but... it kind of get arousing to her. She doesn't get upset or angry, she gets that much more obsessed with the person who broke her.
History: Ashe worked as a show dog, being quite the lovely pitbull with a strong frame and a beautiful fur coat. She won quite a few first places and a couple second and third. She was an outstanding athlete too, and very powerful, but still sweet as candy. Ashe attended a show with a mix of dog breeds and not just purebred, and suffered a bite to the right eye from a mutt without manners. After that, she stopped doing dog shows and began going to hospitals and sometimes schools, acting like a therapy dog of sorts.
Extra information:
-Her right eye is cloudy and she's lost almost all sight in it but otherwise she functions just fine.
-Ashe is a sweetheart deep down, so when kids are scared of her, she always crouches down and lets the kids warm up to her. She does the same for anyone scared of such a bulky and strong-looking dog.
-Her fashion taste mostly consists of crop tops and high waisted jeans/shorts so she flaunts her little belly rolls and some stretch marks.
-Likes anime a lot, and loves a nice stroll down to the fridge at 5 AM.
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Syn99 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  Student
omg I love pit bulls 
if chu ever wanna rp I'd love to ouo
IvIorgue Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student General Artist
Syn99 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student
YAY does you like skype or notes 
IvIorgue Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student General Artist
I don't mind either. 
Syn99 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student
I usually use Skype, which is thesyn99 ouo
IvIorgue Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm TheCountrySealand. I'll hop on! ^o^
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