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Mirror Alice - Queen in Twadro

By IvikN
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© 2007 - 2021 IvikN
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So. . . she's a doppelganger?
Elvenwyn's avatar
Dante6686's avatar
This is wicked and original :thumbsup:
Skirushiemon's avatar
Looks strange, buuuut~!!
GRAND! I really like this... original style. >U< <33
really awesome job! :w00t:
Congrats on your DD. :hug: I know you'll get many more!! <3
Eco-Phantom's avatar
this rememberme " KINGDOM HEATRS "
AliceTheWonderlander's avatar
I love it, it's totally amazing. Instant fave from me~!
greysmoke321's avatar
awesome alice...
aimkidAgakash's avatar
hahaha...mad alice..yes right...American mcGee's alice, I love the game

great work
ergosumkaryvah's avatar
Reminiscent of American McGee's Alice. Awesome work. :D
virusaffected69's avatar
crazy stuff man...awesome
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missepic's avatar
truly amazing.
missepic's avatar
truly amazing.
ZombieFX's avatar
oh my god...
its like serious sam and alice had a child !! brutal
angelevk's avatar
wow you have a great imagination to come up with this and draw it
SecndLogic's avatar
Now that's an Alice you don't want to cross! For some reason, I'm picturing her with a plaid shirt. Maybe it's the lumberjack quality of her pose. She's got a lumberjack's left arm, that's for sure. Overall, it's a very well rendered piece!
karinstrife1221's avatar
this is amazing 0_0
RUinc's avatar
this would be a trip if she appeared in Epic Mickey...
KadajGotsGame's avatar
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I'm waiting for that game to hit the wii
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