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Reminder of the Past
 He could feel the coming of winter with the tip of his tongue. The first sign of its arrival tasted like metal: sharp, powerful, and bitter. So bitter it made his tear-stained face numb and blood-tinted lips dry. Snow gave different impression, however; it was soft and mellow, like a hand that embraced you while you stood alone trying to make do of what happened. Its sweetness lingered hours after its passing, warming you from the strands of your hair to the tip of your toes.
 He laughed; a croaking, hollow laugh that echoed into darkness. He hated it. Winter… Winter had the power to remind him of time long past: a time of innocence, a time of glory, and a time when the right option, lead to the tragic end. He was powerless to stop its spell; like the wind itself, winter was a bitter and unstoppable reminder of shed tears and blood. Tears and blood of the brave, of the pure and of the devoted. Tears and blood of those who believed in him. He whimpered. There were time
:iconiviernu:Iviernu 7 5
Ephemeral Tales: Of Loves Lost and Lives Gone
Like a grey hound waiting for its prey, he stood beneath the falling snow. Unfaltering, unmoving. It’s as if the cold passed his body without leaving its freezing touch behind; his eyes pierced through the dark, fixated on an empty space of nothingness. For a second, a sliver of anger passed through it, but it was gone before the howling wind.
He could hear it from where he stood: the sound of metals collided; the sound of cries, of desperation, of defeat, of loves lost, and lives gone. He can no longer move forward nor went back. Everything was too late. What has been done cannot be reversed, what was lost cannot be regained, and the widows were still waiting for no men to come home.
He clenched his teeth and muttered under his breath, “It’s over.” With a stride, blanket of thickest darkness engulfed his rigid body.
A hand reached out, but it touched nothing. Only emptiness and sorrow remained.
:iconiviernu:Iviernu 5 4
Ephemeral Tales: Path
There were times when you cannot achieve what you were aiming for. It was a simple statement denied by many, they became deluded with their dreams, not realizing what they were capable of.
The day Cecile left home, she understood one thing; she threw away her dreams by following her heart. At time, she thought it was one of those sacrifices people talked about; where you have to lose something to gain another, much greater things. The night she got letter informing her husband’s death, however, she came to realize how foolish she was. Everything can disappear in an instant, leaving no greater thing, but wounds in her heart.
There were times when you cannot achieve what you were aiming for… but you still had to do what you can do. The future might be bleak, but Cecile continued to live her life day by day. Not knowing what tomorrow may bring, she continued to tread on a path, the only path, she knew. The path that separates her heart and mind.
:iconiviernu:Iviernu 5 6



Using arts of my OCs:
I actually don't mind and don't really care if you or someone use arts of my OCs. No need to credit me either, but I strongly prefer that you asked permission from the respective artist who draw/paint the art(s). You instantly got my permission, no need to ask; I just request that you don't claim that you commissioned the arts.
Disclaimer: If my decision get abused, I'll change stance (highly doubt it'll happen, though.)

Noting me about your commission:
I actually don't mind if you send me note or comment about your commission. I'll check it out and try my best to answer, but please don't be offended if I decline. It's nothing personal, I swear


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Just a random person who happened to see one of your oc's in a drawing and I have to mention that you have such lovely oc's! ( I really really like the design of Euryale and Kartikeya) I hope this doesn't come off as weird ;w;~~
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