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May the turning of the days bring some much-needed light back into the world.

Greenman - The Holly King by MeredithDillman

Catmas Tree by liselotte-eriksson
Winter Light by AngelaSasser

Yule Candle by Spiralpathdesigns   Solstice Moon by Kittenpants  <da:thumb id="185889651"/> 
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Eclipse: A Few ThoughtsSo any change means adjustments, and Eclipse is no different. What it comes down to for me is figuring out what I just need to adjust to, and what I genuinely donít like. I'm still using Eclipse at the moment but will likely change back before too much longer - I want to give it a decent chance but also don't want to drive myself crazy just trying to use the site.* Edited because apparently if you don't select "Featured Post" for new journal entries, they vanish into a black hole that's not visible anywhere on your home page or journal page? Handy.The first definite drawback to Eclipse: the load time. Damn is it slow! And for someone like me whose internet connection can charitably be described as terrible, the long load time could be a real problem.The color scheme is another potential problem for me as well. Like many, my eyes are extremely sensitive, and staring at white on black for any extended period of time becomes downright painful. Just reading a few journal entries (on Eclipse, ironically enough) was enough to make my eyes sore. So I switched to the white theme, and HOLY CRAP, that was so much worse. Not to mention how boring it looks. One of the things I liked about DAís classic ďminty greenĒ look was how friendly the values were to sensitive eyes - no big juxtapositions between dark and light to stab the eye.Just like moving house, everything has ended up in a different place in Eclipse, such as the Add to Group button on deviations or finding Journals, I mean Posts. Minor things that aren't really a big deal once I remember where to look.I did have a very hard time figuring out how to get to what used to be plain olí Notifications - once I finally figured it out I wrote my confusion off as my own stupidity, but after reading a few journals I realized I wasnít the only one who was massively confused. Honestly, it seems to me that splitting everything (Watching, Activity and Notes) into separate menus scattered across the top of the page was totally unnecessary. I liked being able to go to one page and get an overview of it all. Now each separate thing means another click, and another loooong load time. And it still takes me awhile to figure out if Iíve checked everything I wanted to check.It seems as though the site has been both oversimplified and overcomplicated, and Iím not sure how that can even happen at the same time.Other random glitches Iíve encountered are the header getting stuck one-third of the way down the page when scrolling on my iPad, and the Page Up/Down and arrow buttons not always working to scroll on my desktop computer. And that really sucks for me, because the scrolly ball on my mouse died years ago. So even navigating around whatever page thatís currently open isnít always easy. In fact, trying to edit this post right now is getting really irritating because I can't get the damn page to scroll up or down to read it over!Also, the Cover image meant to go at the top of an individualís profile page is so fussy and frustrating that, after fighting with it for about fifteen minutes to find one of my deviations that would display the way I wanted, I finally just gave up and went without. I found that the image was either miscentered or cut off strangely, or showed off the admittedly poor resolution of many of my images. I guess for digital artists whose deviations are already high quality, itís great. For someone like me, who has to photograph the physical painting and make do, it just shows off something I already know is lacking. Nothing like a giant, grainy image at the top of my front page to make visitors want to look around, after all!What it boils down to:I use Deviantart to showcase my work online for friends and relatives to see, and to see the work of other talented artists. Iíve expanded my own style and learned a lot just from seeing what others do. I want to continue to watch and be inspired by other artists so that I can continue to grow as an artist myself.For me, the current drawbacks of DA are twofold: lack of attention and decreasing traffic, especially for traditional artists like myself; and lack of standards, i.e. the various degrees of porn that have infiltrated the site.The nature of a digital medium like the internet means that, IMO, digital art will continue to be favored over traditional, and while I donít like it, I accept that it seems to be the way things are. So I donít expect that to change, unfortunately.I stopped browsing the site at large years ago for the very reason that I have no wish to encounter the porn, fetish fodder, and sexualized violence which dominate this site. It may float some peopleís boat, but not mine. Now I browse very selectively, through groups and individual deviants that I trust, and that is it. Iím sure I miss a lot of really amazing art that way. And that sucks.So will Eclipse solve or at least help either of my two problems? No, I donít expect it will. Iíd love to be wrong though.Iíll continue to use the site until I find a better alternative (and Iíve been looking, but havenít found anything that fulfills what I'm looking for) or until I canít stand it anymore. There are some cool things (and people!) to be found on Deviantart, and Iíd hate to lose them.Ultimately, time will tell.

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December 21, 2016


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