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Howdy y'all! Just a heads up if you're a Tumblr user or needed motivation to become one: follow me on Tumblr now you can! Yoda  My page is
Hey folks! I have my first t-shirt design featured at! Right here:  It's available until November 18, and you can get 10% off by using this code: geekx10. Super honored to be part of the geekxgirls collection! Yayyy!
Hey folks! My programmer buddy and I are doing a little game called "Rogue Sharks" and we just released an early arcade version online. It's totally free and pretty to look at so give it a try and feel free to leave some feedback! (

And give a hug to the game's facebook page! (
Hey, folks! Just posted an artwork of a lonely bad-ass dude overcoming a horde of zombies, because I might have not posted much these last few weeks (sorryyyy) but I'm not dead yet. #1
Actually, I kept quite busy! And one of the cool things I did is updating my website in english. I love html. Yes, yes!Stupid Me! And I also started selling my CHER Playing Cards! They are the coolest thing ever. Slow Let me know if you want some!
Oh, and I watched the Flash Gordon movie for the first time last week. Amazing. Jawdrop 
Hey, you all! What's new in my gallery? Well, just a new Gorilla Alien fellow today. I'm spending a good chunk of my time repackaging new playing cards I got printed... The "CHER" Playing Cards! :dance:  ( ) There was a little issue with the boxes the first time, so now I have to fold the new boxes and transfer the deck of cards in them. 250 of them... But it all look vvvery pretty. :aww:

Oh, and when I'm done with all the Alien fellows, I want to make a giant poster with all of them on it! :eager:
Howdy, all! This month I decided I would stretch my style variety a little, so I did some practice at working without line art. ...Pretty fun challenge! I'll do it again, now and then. It's always good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. :)
I just noticed that SuperLlama with a flowing cape on my profile page. It seems I got a little bunch over the last year! Thanks, everyone who gifted me one! I promise I'll take care of 'em from now on.  ...Llamaaaaas!!!:happybounce:

Oh, and I added some stuff by the way. A new Alien-xenomorph-monster and a Cher artwork à la Dressed to Kill.
I have the honour of having two of my artworks immortalised in a new book now available on Amazon! It's called Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, written by Matthew Chojnacki, and it features over 200 artworks from over 100 artists from all around the world. ...and I'm one of them! Woot woot!! Boogie!The posters I did were from my Cinémarium series: Child's Play 2 and Sleepy Hollow. If you needed a gift idea for your movie-fanatic friend this Christmas, look no further!

There's a review here at
Hey visitors! I added new super cool 3D artworks! Actually, they'll be put in automatically tomorrow morning. I want to see if new art more people notice them early in the day (instead of in the middle of the night as I always do...) :P

Check out my new profile picture too! My hairdo was getting inaccurate so might as well change it and put a hat on.

Oh! And some of my Alien artworks were featured on the facebook page of "Stan Winston School of Character Arts" last week-end! Woot woot!
I had this urge of doing my own take on the Alien 3 poster -because that Alien Queen embryo looks sweet!  But as usual, I ended up working on 4 logos simultaneously because that's what happens when you love a movie series with 4 entries in it. Hence my little "Art Deco From Outer Space!" series made this week-end!
I'm experimenting with 3D! A couple weeks ago I visited a little store around the corner and I found a pair of old-school 3D glasses like those I used to get in cereal boxes. Did I mention the frame has the shape of a T-rex? :omg: Yeah, how could I not buy that?! So I've been practicing 3D conversion by starting off with the Alien Legacy artworks I did for the past few weeks. Any opportunity is good to keep the awesome Sigourney "Ripley" Weaver in the spotlight in my gallery. ...It takes a lot of time to convert one artwork but it's soooo much fun!
I'll sum it up and you'll see what I mean: I finished my last artwork in my series of 4 illustrations for each Alien movie this morning, then I closed my laptop and walked to the movie theatre a few blocks away where "Alien Director's Cut" is playing this week only.  Oo-yeah. :happybounce:
I have been working on the illustration for the first Alien lately. It took a bit of time but I got the sketch done!… I can't wait to start polishing and colouring! My main challenge was that I really wanted to illustrate Ripley in the spacesuit, but she spent the entire final scene strapped to a chair so I took some liberties to make it more dynamic. ;)  In the meantime, I posted a concept art featuring all four aliens from each movie.
I got some good news this week! My AVP artwork ended up being a runner up winner in a fan art contest on facebook! Three days later, I was receiving a new AVP movie boxset by mail to add on my bookshelf! Yippee!!! :psychotic:

Another great achievement: I finished the artwork featuring Ripley from "Alien Resurrection"! I spent so more time on it than usual... it's definitely because it's my favourite entry in the franchise. Gotta be proud of this artwork! :nod:  Last but not least for me to do: "Alien"! Can't wait to have them all done!

PS: I'll try to take a peek at the comments in my gallery more often! So many lovely feedbacks! Thanks, watchers and visitors! :blowkiss:
That's how the last three months of 2012 were like for me. Craaazy. We gave a tremendous boost to the first production steps of our upcoming new game at Massive Damage. The workload was -huge- and I barely had any time to create for myself. :no: But the game will look amazing! Don't know about the coding, but the art will be great! :nod:

And now I'm back! I posted my first deviation of the year today. It's the final version of "Ripley's in the Hive"!
Yup. Colouring is this phase in an artwork where all the hard stuff is done, all you have to do is fill in the white spaces. It's like going back to kindergarten. :)

I finished a rough colour version of the Aliens artwork featuring Ripley. Check it out and leave me comments! It's free. ;p

And on a side note, the Electric Beef honored me Artist of the Week this past week! :happybounce:…
I uploaded a commission work I did for a whiskey lover. You'll surely recognize the brand when seeing the artwork. ;)

And I finished the clean line art on the "Ripley's in the Hive" artwork! Such a relief! Can't wait to start colouring. That's a fun part!
Well, Ripley is! I worked on the ongoing "Aliens" illustration this morning and updated it to its latest version... Now she's setting the hive on fire! B-)
Greetings, mateys! Things are finally calming down on my side and I had time to upload some new stuff. Most interesting might be this ongoing artwork I'll keep updated each time I work on it. It's called "Ripley's in the Hive", so stay tuned to see the evolution!
I got the cool opportunity to do an interview for last week! :boogie: It's a website promoting unconventional art and artists.

I thought my answers would be scrambled and cut into quotes here and there in the article, but everything is there! It's a little intimidating but one must learn to welcome honors in any form! :faint: You can read it here:…