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Ripley's Farewell



Another homage to my most-truly-favourite movie franchise. It's part of a series of 4 illustrations I did for each "Alien" movie. My concept was to give it a feel of an animated show or comic books -à la Batman Adventures mostly- and put Ripley as the main focus. These movies wouldn't have had the same impact on me without Sigourney Weaver (who signed my "Ripley Paper Doll" artwork on my birthday and made me the happiest fanboy ever :squee:… ).

For each illustration, I helped myself with some photos to get Ripley's outfits right and that's about it. I forced myself not to watch the movies prior to working on the artwork so that the decor would be a honest and personal interpretation of what rested in my memory. It also gave me more freedom while sketching out the composition and I think that would be a good thing for animation purposes and making it more fun.

Here's a direct link for the other artworks:
ALIEN (panties edition):
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Alien 3 is massively underrated. For me, it's the last great film in the franchise. Depressingly dark, yet retains a special place in my heart. Imagine what would of happened if we had William Gibson's Cold War/Xeno contagion script, Vincent Ward's weird but enticing wooden planet concept, or worse, Eric Red's crap script that felt like the writing of a gore happy teenager.