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Batman Returns



I loved this movie as a child, and I still do now! Michelle Pfeiffer had the coolest Catwoman costume ever! Each element in this artwork was drawn separately on paper with pencil, then put in this montage and colored digitally afterwards. 2009.

The pencil art for Batman: [link]
The pencil art for Catwoman: [link]
The pencil art for Penguin: [link]
The army of penguins: [link]
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Everyone loves Catwoman, and nobody loves Ice Princess. She's dead in any possible canon and has no fans and nobody not a pity her, even this cursed Batman!
Cursed be Michelle Pfeiffer!
I wish Christmas brought her only misfortunes!
Let Michelle Pfeiffer will be cursed in every role!
I wish that evil has returned to her and she suffered this pain!
Cursed be those who will ever play Catwoman and Penguin, until Ice Princess dead in any canon!