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Honey Bunny and Lola Bunny - Friends Forever



I know some Lola-lovers-Honey-haters or Honey-lovers-Lola-haters will want to kill me for this picture :P Especially the first group will scream 'BURN HIM! BURN HIM! NOW!'.

At DeviantArt there are plenty of pictures done by Honey-haters in which Lola Bunny fights with Honey Bunny. In almost all cases Honey loses, being killed, burned of suffocated by Lola. Some people's morbid hate for a fictional character remains a mystery for all psychiatrists...

I decided to do something different because when I read all comic stories featuring Honey Bunny I have on my computer and seen some interesting things like early sketches for Space Jam it came out that Lola and Honey are the same character, and Lola Bunny is just an updated version of Honey Bunny. More information here: [link]

So I asked myself a question: why so many 'fans' portray them as fighting enemies? Can't they just be friends?

So... here's a picture in which they are friends. Friends Forever. :)

I was thinking on whether to draw Honey Bunny in her yellow or gray version. I chose gray because if she was yellow with blonde hair she would like too much like Lola in drag.

Don't forget to visit unofficial website of Honey Bunny: [link] and like her Facebook fanpage: [link]
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I know Honey is her own character, but I still can get past the thought that all this is Bugs crossdressing again.