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Artist Application for Pokemon: Tales of Tabira

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Any team that has not done Chapter 2 prior to this date, new and old, may obtain either a Spirit of Evolution OR a Spirit of Fellowship. This means it's possible for a team to start with an evolved member or start with three members, if they want. As a result, the evolution/recruitment prizes for Chapter 2 are no longer available.

To participate in :icontalesoftabira:, an application must be filled out. A psd of the art application is available here, just hit the download button to the right. Finished applications go in the Member Teams section located here.

The writing app is found here, with optional prompts located here.

A starting team can only have a maximum of two members, and they must be a baby, basic, or an egg (but an egg can’t be by itself). A list of usable beginning Pokémon is available here. More members can be recruited with a Spirit of Fellowship, but a team cannot have more than 4. If the team consists of one Pokémon, a 2nd team member can be added anytime, as long as it is a baby, basic, or an egg.

Unused team member spaces can be darkened or cropped out if you'd like. You may also make the application smaller and change the colors, but please don't change it otherwise. All information must be kept legible!

An example of a completed art app is located here.

Bullet; Green Section 1
: The Green Part

Team Name
: Can be anything really, but try not to make it too vulgar. It’s also recommended to try and use a different name than one already in use, but if different teams end up having the same name, it’s fine, nobody has to change anything.

: Simple, the date the application was submitted.

: Every time you earn Guild Rep, you earn an equal amount of Favor. So if you complete two prompts, one rewarding 1 Rep and another rewarding 2, you get 3 Favor in total. Since Favor is used like currency for special items and services, it’s important to keep track of it.

Guild Rep
: Completing prompts earns you Reputation for the corresponding guild. You may do as many or as few as you’d like, and you can participate in any guild’s task. Unlike Favor, Rep never gets spent.

: Earning enough Guild Rep will net you a badge, which gives certain perks, discounts and bonuses. There are three badge ranks for each guild. Information of the badge ranks is available here.

Bullet; Orange
Section 2: The Tan Part

Gender and name
: The gender, which goes in the circle, is optional. The character can also be non-binary. The section for the name can mention the character’s species, and have things like a star to indicate shininess, if you’d like.

A character can change their gender identity and name at any time, but species and shininess must remain the same (for now...).

: Can be as simple or complex as you’d like, any skill level, digital or traditional (though traditional art needs to be scanned or have a picture taken, and a way to crop it). Art can also be drawn outside of the box if you wish.

Characters can wear clothing and carry personal items, and they may also be shown carrying a personal move tool (more information below). A more indepth guide to accessories can be found in the FAQ.

: For beginning teams, a Pokémon can only have one of its canon abilities, regular or dream world/hidden. The ability doesn’t need to be compatible with older moves (like from Gen 1 and 2), it just needs to be an ability the Pokémon can normally have.

The ability cannot be changed except by evolution or earning a Spirit of Technique.

The little circle on the ability bar should be left blank, unless it’s a Trained Ability, which should then be colored in. Trained Abilities are only available to teams with at least Rank 1 in Trackers.

: A Pokémon can have up to 4 moves, though fewer is allowed. Once the moveset is picked, it cannot be changed, except by evolution, a Spirit of Technique, or using a tutored move to overwrite an old one.

The moves should be ones that the Pokémon could have learned in the main games. They can have a mix of moves from any of the gens, and even old event and tutor moves. More information can be found in the FAQ.        

The little circle on the moves bars should be left blank, unless it’s a Studied Move, which should then be colored in. Studied Moves are only available to teams with at least Rank 1 in Scholars, and they require a small Favor fee.

Move Tool
: Y
ou have the option to represent your Pokémon's moves with a tool, similar to how Cubone uses a bone and Oshawott a shell. When designing a tool, try to keep it rustic and simple-looking. A computer or machine gun isn't allowed, but something like a blade that's used to inflict Cut or a bell that casts Heal Bell is fine. Also, try to avoid having your Pokémon's entire move set represented with a single tool.

Don't forget, the tool must represent atleast one of your
Pokémon's existing moves, it doesn't act as a 5th move!

edit (7/23/15): In-game items that enhance the power of a move's type are allowed to be incorporated into the tool (such as Mystic Water, Miracle Seed, Twisted Spoon, etc), as long as a move of that type exists in your character's move set. The plates are not allowed because of their association with Arceus.

: Consists of any tools and items you earned or purchased. The inventory is not used to contain clothing and personal accessories that your character is wearing. As can be seen, each character can carry up to 3 inventory items, and they can freely swap between eachother whenever they please.

Like the moves and ability sections, each inventory box has a small circle. This circle must be colored in to indicate a customized tool. Tool customization requires at least Rank 1 in Artisans, and requires a small Favor Fee.

Extra inventory can be stored using the Honeycomb Storage sheet. The stored inventory items cannot be used during a story except for Spirit of Evolution, Spirit of Fellowship, Spirit of Technique, and Token of Reputation, due to their ambiguous nature. While written teams have a section for extra stored inventory on their apps, it is still treated as storage. Like with the art storage sheet, the items can’t be removed while a Chapter is ongoing.

Info: This can contain your character's history, reference, description; etc. Think of it as a "free space" box.
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akarifan25Hobbyist Artist
used it :3

team cutetail by akarifan25
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KlearlymeHobbyist Digital Artist
The download link doesn't work
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Am i allowed to  join the group, and then post my Application in Member teams Selection?
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When applying to this group, do you have to have a second member to your team? In the future, could you possibly team up with other characters or would you have to make a team yourself? I'm very interested in joining but I'm not sure if I should make up a second character. ; w ;
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Do you have a whited out version of this?
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Vanilla-FlowersHobbyist Digital Artist
There's a background layer on the version in iveechan-art's sta.sh.
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Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
is it allowed to recolor the app for excample to blue?
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ArtistDetectiveStudent General Artist
So, the whole thing could be drawn out on paper? (I mean the form)
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SuperSonicVisionsHobbyist General Artist
(i'm thinking of making a riolu and venipede team XD)
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SuperSonicVisionsHobbyist General Artist
Um how do you put your artwork in this app? XD idk how lol
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Lord-SiverHobbyist Digital Artist
will there be a written application for writers? 
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
I linked to it in the description, but it's available here.
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Icyangel12Hobbyist Writer
I like be how simple this app nothing overly complicated I love it!
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chicoARTSProfessional Digital Artist
Can I crop the last two team slots for the time being?
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Yup, that's fine, you can just add them back in when you recruit!
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WrennekinHobbyist Digital Artist
I really love the fact that instead of being a part of only a particular guild teams have the ability to earn reputation with any of the guilds!
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
That was narelith's idea, which I thought was absolutely genius!
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TimeturnerJasmyHobbyist Digital Artist
Neat! The app is great, it's very easy to understand.^^ No slot for the nature though? I guess that's fine, it allows for even more freedom concerning the character development. :)
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, we decided early on that natures were limiting and not really needed. If you want, you could say their nature and characteristic in the info box!
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Having problem with the psd link, hold on

edit: should be fixed now, let us know if there's any problems!
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Snowbound-BeccaHobbyist Digital Artist
You know what? I might just join in on this. I took a look at the group earlier and it looks like a lot of fun. :)

However, I probably won't get this done until the beginning of August, because I'll be super busy for the next 2 weeks. Of course, I'll think up a good starting team by then.
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iveechan-artHobbyist Digital Artist
That works out fine, since tasks themselves won't begin until late July or early August (no set date yet)! I look forward to seeing your team!
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