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November 2015 by Ivanssj4 November 2015 :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 4 0 Akinator Beaten At First Try by Ivanssj4 Akinator Beaten At First Try :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 0 3
The 7 Minute Rain (Expanded)
The Seven-Minute Rain
The downpour was devastating. No man alive could avoid being drenched to the bone on that autumn eve, that eighteenth September of that leap year in the decade of decadence. Trees had their branches moistened to the point of bark being peeled off. The leaves stood no chance, but this was no surprise. No critter dared to crawl out of their respective dwellings if even for a breath of severely damp air all around. It was on that very eve, amidst the rainy nightmare, that Genevieve decided upon visiting her ex, for he had borrowed a copious amount of money several months and double the rains ago, and was yet to return it in full. Sweet Genevieve knew where he lived, but that said location was quite the distance away from her apartment in the Fifth Avenue. The worried lass decided against taking a cab, and there were no busses available. Nor any type of vehicle, for that matter. Thus, step by step, our heroine paced through this drenching disease of nature, only barel
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 2 0
The Flight
The Flight
Just a foot short of Heaven
Through the crimson-colored sky
Moves the tiny butterfly
With Her young, frail wings.
Sunset is upon the land,
The woodland creatures rest.
With everlasting zest
Flies the lovely, gentle thing.
A loud coyote howls away,
Soon will come the night.
But nothing stops Her flight.
She's above the Lunar ring.
Darkness falls, conquers all.
All the light has died.
Yet, still moves the butterfly
With Her young, frail wings.
By Angel of Broken Halo, June 25, 2011
Edited on August 6, 2012, Armageddon Year
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 3 6
Angel of Broken Halo by Ivanssj4 Angel of Broken Halo :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 3 2
That One Day of Birth
That One Day of Birth
In a Kingdom afar, in a land by the sea,
Lay a village filled with merriment and glee.
And in that village lived, in all of her fame,
A 16-year-old girl with a rainbow-dyed name.
She lived among snickers,
She lived below mars,
She lived with bounty and milk way
And other chocolate bars.
She was happy and healthy,
She was bliss-filled and sweet,
Akin to all the candied villagers she would meet.
But one day her smile turned a bit wider, it seemed.
For the girl with rainbow-dyed name had turned seventeen.
Many a man and woman sent her gifts,
Be they songs, shoes, poetry books, sowings and rifts.
Her excitement ceased not; her joy all but tame.
She celebrated, this girl with a rainbow-dyed name.
And then came three suitors, all well-dressed and shaven,
Each asking her hand, her love they were cravin'.
One said "Fair lady, I'll feed you gold pears,
You'll sit on most comfortable, silver-laced chairs."
Other said "Humming birds will braid your dark hair,
And dozens will
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 6 13
I see a soul, devoid of joy, she's hanging off a cliff.
Her life and safety compromised.
She'll perish.
Her knees are bent, her hands of sweat, she's frightened, and yet stiff.
It seems as if this swift demise
She'll cherish.
Deep is the abyss that waits for this here soul to plummet
Down. Beyond the dark crevice
A void.
The soul has nothing to hope for; long lost is her summit
Of ambition. Of life she's
Weary is the life, is all.
She bends down into her fall.
By Angel of Broken Halo
                      August 14 2011
Finished on July 21, 2012, Armageddon Year
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 5 9
The Twentieth
The Twentieth
I say, old boy, can I have a sip?
There are varying tastes of varying substances. Some like their coffee black. Some like their veggies in a spicy sauce.
And then there's tea.
They say a lot can be said about what kind of tea you drink. An aging-old alchemist, Yrnelioptas, wrote on the matter in his work "Of Grains and Gentles" in the early 1500s. This alchemist - and a precursor to psychologists, some claim - divided the types of men according to their favorite way of having their tea prepared and consumed. The first issue was temperature. As stated in chapter three, "Those who are eager to have their tea as hot as the fires of smelters are themselves living flames. They are with passion, even lust in their eyes and want in their souls, for they will not cease to pursue something until their flames burn out." The cold tea drinkers are equally criticized. "...for they, they are those that prefer the coldness of Lapland in their tea, and it is this coldness that ref
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 6 15
Mature content
The Roundabout of Life :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 6 2
Whimsy willed Will; willed Will, Will wanted wanton women.
Wanton women wailed. Wailed, wailed whiningly.
Will wanted warmth,
Will won watery worthlessness.
Wenches watered Will's will, Will wept
Will wept, wringing Will's wristwatch,
Wound, wound Will's wristwatch was;
Wasted wavered Will was. Whiskey, watered.
Will wrought waste, Will went.
Will went…
By Angel of Broken Halo, April 30, 2012, Armageddon Year
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 7 11
Mature content
A Ballad of the Ebony Sue :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 6 16
Shades of Grey
Shades of Grey
You see it as Good, you see it as Bad.
Typical that that particular view you should embrace;
The furthest view point your own nose. How sad.
It's those like you that force me into my personal space.
Cold has to be cold. Hot has to be hot.
What you say must be; your rival, must not.
Can't you just, for but a moment,
Open up your mind
And see the picture in its full?
No, you remain blind.
By Angel of Broken Halo, April 13, 2012, Armageddon Year
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 6 10
Critique Me Not No.4 - SeeJay Untamed
Critique me Not – SeeJay Untamed
Okay, I've reread the poem several times, and considering I'm a tad dense regarding poetry reviewing, I'll go with what I thought of it by answering your four questions.
• Is the format of the piece aesthetically pleasing?
Format-wise, to be frank, I found it unoriginal. You're neither the first, nor the last poet to utilize spaces and words in such a way. This, I believe, is a characteristic of all modern poetry, but it's nothing unseen before.
Which doesn't necessarily mean it's bad or anything. To elaborate, I liked it, but was not wowed by it.
• Does the rhythm feel natural, or clumsy to read?
The rhythm was something I usually pay little attention to, because I've trained myself to read a piece in several rhythms if whim would will it. Ergo I have nothing to add on that end.
• Does it conjure any imagery in your mind;
Ah, ze imagerie. While I did like the "labyrinth," the "whore," and the "door X2," I was not entirely bought wit
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 1 6
Critique Me Not No.3 - Chee
He would make a Lovely Corpse
Revisiting now
From six feet below
Is a lunatic, dead;
Quite recently so.
How he died is rather curious, you know,
For they say it was painful,
Painfully slow.
They say he was tortured,
Tormented and slaughtered-
That in love and in lust he had died.
For the one he desired
She another admired
And her love to him she denied.
Rejected, neglected,
Completely dejected:
His pining and sighing then stops.
For the psychopath died,
Completely deprived;
And now he is back as the corpse.

Okay, I've read this poem several times now, and – as promised an eon and a half ago – here's my review/critique/whatever.
I like the title. It's an attention grabber, and a good one at that. It sounds like a citation, or a part of a dialogue from a gothic novel or something similar. Kudos.
Meter-wise, it's interesting, to say the least. I see irregularities in all three stanzas, but I wager this was intentional, non? Your language is excellent, it's on a lev
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 1 2
A Spectacular Review - Yes, the Ladies
A Spectacular Review – Yes, the Ladies
1. A Clichéd Kind of Intro
Tomorrow is the dawn of a new age for our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, for his latest television series goes on air. Tenth, to be mathematically exact. We've seen him be Amazing, Unlimited, Spectacular even; now he's going Ultimate, and the opinions on the new series vary from positive to negative, as well as the unavoidable lukewarm indifference which sits somewhere in between. Having expected this particular show from the moment it was announced, as well as the more-than-welcome second season of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, this author decided to once again revisit one of the Spidey's predecessors in animation. Spectacular Spider-man was the logical choice, due to its brevity and fluid storytelling, and also because, content-wise, it sort of served as a portal into the Ultimate universe [elements like Kenny King Kong and the fluffy Kraven being the two examples]. Now, Spectacular is known and lo
:iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 2 0
New College Crap #62 by Ivanssj4 New College Crap #62 :iconivanssj4:Ivanssj4 0 10


face it by xpoeticsoulx face it :iconxpoeticsoulx:xpoeticsoulx 5 2 .s p a c e.  .o u t. by vashperado .s p a c e. .o u t. :iconvashperado:vashperado 16,932 2,002 Faux Fur Friday by HeatherAfterCosplay Faux Fur Friday :iconheatheraftercosplay:HeatherAfterCosplay 47 6 Little Red Hyulla by psyAlera Little Red Hyulla :iconpsyalera:psyAlera 20 2 Kale - speedpaint by Redjet00 Kale - speedpaint :iconredjet00:Redjet00 308 35 Hinata Hyuga From Naruto by TeddiTerri Hinata Hyuga From Naruto :icontedditerri:TeddiTerri 70 4 _Dani divine III. by josefinejonssonphoto _Dani divine III. :iconjosefinejonssonphoto:josefinejonssonphoto 332 10 Puppet by LidiaVives Puppet :iconlidiavives:LidiaVives 75 8 Nozomi Tojo From love!Live! by TeddiTerri Nozomi Tojo From love!Live! :icontedditerri:TeddiTerri 48 4 new callendar in production by shiniez
Mature content
new callendar in production :iconshiniez:shiniez 1,676 157
Avalon by rimuu Avalon :iconrimuu:rimuu 1,206 43 Happy December 1st! by HeatherAfterCosplay Happy December 1st! :iconheatheraftercosplay:HeatherAfterCosplay 101 6 Cute by Laysa Cute :iconlaysa:Laysa 68 11 KDA - Evelynn NSFW preview by Redjet00
Mature content
KDA - Evelynn NSFW preview :iconredjet00:Redjet00 264 11
Weekend mood  by Slawa Weekend mood :iconslawa:Slawa 247 29 Self Portrait 3 by silvermist999 Self Portrait 3 :iconsilvermist999:silvermist999 40 32


Before you click away or decide to report this, I suggest you read this in full, take it all in, and judge it based on that. I will not give a single, solitary trigger warning, because I respect the fact that you're an adult and that you can take adult issues in a mature way, that you can face them properly, thicken the skin, and walk away with an experience or two.

So let's get to the point.

I am talking directly to you, new Deviant on my feed or in my comments. Directly.To.You.

I really do not care that you're gay. I have zero interest in who you love, who you like, who you want to be with, etc. Zero interest. I just don't care, and I don't expect you to care about who I love.

I really do not care that you are black. Your skin color is your skin color, mine is mine. I really do not give a single thought about what shade you are, how dark or light your skin is, anything. I really do not care.

I really do not care if you have any disability. It's unfortunate, it always is, but it's your business, just like my shortcomings are mine. I do not care for what you lack in body and mind, nor do I want you do care for what anyone else lacks. I just don't care.

I do not care for any gender you choose, either male, female, or the dozens of fictional ones. Call yourself whatever you want, and I'll call myself whatever I want. Other than that, I just don't care.

And why must I stress that I don't care? Because I am rather bored with reading bios and descriptions that list about fifty of these factoids before giving me anything substantial. Because there are too many "genderqueer pansexual ABDL otherkin ze/zir/zim borderline autistic" people that constantly either send me llamas, like my stuff, comment on forums, etc.

Now read THIS PART HERE, because this part is the crux of the issue. I do not care for Oscar Wilde or Walt Whitman because they like to sleep with men. I do not care for Thelonius Monk because he is black. I do not care for Stephen Hawking because he was in a wheelchair, nor do I give a damn about Blaire White because she used to be a he.

WHAT I CARE ABOUT is very simple. I care for Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman because they are masters of the written word. I care for Thelonius Monk because his music continues to fascinate me. I care for Stephen Hawking because of his contribution to the world of science. And the same applies here - I do not give a damn what you identify as. I give a damn if you're a good artist. I want to see your merit first hand.

That is why I have furry art, nudes of both gender, written works of the LGBT folks, etc. in my favorites folder. Because I loved the art presented. 

And this is why I am speaking directly to you, Deviant who is reading this. If you want my respect, you will not earn it for physical attributes that you cannot really change. You will earn my respect if your art is good, if you have a skillset that crushes the competition, i.e. if you're damn good.

I do not hate you, mainly because I would have to know you to either love or hate you. And it is precisely because this might be misconstrued as hatred that this post is here, in politics, and is this long. I just want you to know this going forward, because that's how the world out there will judge you. Actual hatred exists, of course, but the people that practice it openly and regularly are few and far between. My honest advice to you is not to focus on that part of your bio - race, gender, sexuality, ableness, etc. - but rather on your art skills. Hone them, work on them, and become the single greatest artist the world has ever know.

In the meantime, I will still not care that you are gay. I will, however, care plenty for that painting of yours, to the point of actually buying it and hanging it on my bedroom wall.

Thank you.  
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Kumori Myu-Jishan
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I'm a writer, a failed artist, a somewhat harsh critic and overall an asshole. Be honest and act normal around me and you'll get neutral-to-positive feedback. That is all.

Current Residence: A so-called "town" in Serbia
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Personal Quote: Aliquid te non vult.
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While not a fan of "Ugly Americans" and only vaguely knowledgeable of classic pin-up art, I have to stand firm in thinking that this pi...

The best way to describe this work is "contrast". The dark tones of the tattoo work, the jewelry, the titular insect, the hair and the ...

What immediately stands out to me, upon the first glance, are the contrasts: black, white and gray areas. Hence why I have to note that...

This piece is very well crafted. The interplay of light and shadow really works, because it isn't imposing like it tends to be when an ...


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