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Spider robot LF-6

Spider robot LF-^6^^^
Defense contractors on Thursday unveiled one of the most advanced spider robots
ever built as part of the DARPA Virtual Robotics Challenge in Waltham, Mass.
Called Spider robot LF-6, the giant is controlled by a two human operators, who guides the sensors,
hydraulics, and limbs through a range of natural  motions.

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Thank you all for your kind words, criticism and comments. This all very important for me

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That's heavy..

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Fantastic, Impressive, and Cool Artwork!!! Mindblowing :impressed: Cool :blankmech: :headbang: :clap: :clap: :clap: clap remake 1a

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Intriguing concept. Love it.
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This is just extraordinary good piece.

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Excellent! As a huge fan of the mech genre one of my biggest frustrations is the departure from practical. Very well done. You’ve captured something I’ve been attempting to define for quite some time.
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This is awesome. I love how the characters add scale to the piece.
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Awesome cool design 
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This is pretty fuckin dope. 
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Woah, would love to see that robo inr.. :D 
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Galbadia Army called: Biggs and Wedge want their X-ATM0-92 back :P
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
wow! awesome details! Fantastic
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Amazing mecha design!!

Don't Open Til Cats-Mas 
looks amazing!!
great picture!
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This needs to exist. Somewhere or in some game. Just as something to look at even. This is marvelous
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wow this is very heavy metal
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awesome robot dude.
can it climb walls?
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it looks more like a flea
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This just screams anime and I LOVE IT! :D
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