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Space Engineers_ green plasma field exploration

Next work from my series of illustrations "Exploring new worlds,Space Engineers".
Please click Download Image for original quality (wallpaper).
Thank you all for your kind words, criticism and comments. This all very important for me
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Nice job - but those tracks are way too clean.  It takes all of 5 seconds for the treads of a tracked vehicle to get filthy, even on rock.
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"I'm now radioactive! That can't be good..."
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Kinda looks like GDI's egines harvesting crystals in C&C Tiberium Wars.
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oh, thanks that reminded me this great gameWink/Razz love it
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Hot dang! That's one sweet ride you got there.  Elevated hull, heavy-duty treads, flexible suspension, bridges with good visibility, awesome crane arm...
10/10 would explore with.
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Very nice. As usual was I tempted to write. ;-)
The only thing that troubles me is the title: it seems a bit off... but what does that matter! :-)
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no, no. Thanks for your opinion! If you have more interesting idea for title, please let me know
It all depends what you mean by exploration. If you mean exploitation, maybe you could go with something like "Space Engineers_green plasma field operation" or if you mean indeed evaluation of a resource you could go with "Space Engineers_ green plasma field exploration"
But you cannot have the exploration of green plasma as such. ,-)
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thank you! English for me second language and  sometimes i have trouble with it), so i really appreciate your help and time!
love your good nature, but let's be honest here a second: your english is way way better than my drawing! hahahahahaha
And you don't even want me to tell you about the rest! ;-)
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How about "Space Engineers_Plasma Field Sample Collection"...
yeah that could also do it nicely... though they like scoop a couple tons of samples a pop with this set up! Can't hav'em dig your old back yard for samples! ;-)
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How long did it take to finish that?
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very long, as always, i suppose more than 20 hours
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Is this a 3d model?
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