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January 25, 2020
Military faction by IvanLaliashvili
Featured by cosmicbound
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Military faction

Thank you
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Talktothebox's avatar

A really fine piece of art, good job!

DecentAss's avatar
There's a movie that brings you to utterly despise humanity
sorbus49's avatar

Is this a Personal Carrier or Robot?

ArtistNV's avatar
If I’m ever on an alien world fighting an enemy, I’d always prefer to be the one in the mech. 
LindArtz's avatar
Wonderful work! :)!!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD! :clap:!!!

CapscesDigitalInk's avatar
Congratulations, very impressive piece!
CitizenOlek's avatar
Wow! Usually a military type scene features grey and sombre environments. But the inclusion of these soldiers into such a colorful landscape is a wonderful combination.
Tinselfire's avatar
Oh dear o.O With the pose, poor mech kind of looks like he's just had a colonoscopy and really shouldn't be engaged in interplanetary conquest for a while. But the designs and the landscape especially are nothing short of gorgeous. Particularly fond of the fuzzy quality of the foliage and the "stringy" broken outlines on the rocks. It really strengthens the ambiguity whether the more colourful shapes are flora or fungi - and that perhaps the troopers are not just wearing gas masks for sake of appearance. Don't want to risk having any flowers growing out of your nostrils when you're in deep space...

Well done, sir.
ErikShoemaker's avatar
congrats on the DD :clap:
Lovely-Bacar's avatar
This is soo dynamic 
ErikShoemaker's avatar
beautiful colors and details. :thumbsup:
Robguil4774's avatar
Reminds me Black Mesa Xen invaded by HECU soldiers.
Austin-Kispotta's avatar

Those nature scenery looks absolutely impressive!

SketchMonster1's avatar
Wow fabulous battle scene - very dynamic!  Color technique and shading effect is fantastic. Great work. 
PKilian's avatar

Great as always! :clap:

vanBlood's avatar
archonedd's avatar
It's combat time. This is a really good artwork.
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