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July 24, 2020
Megacity. Blender tutorial by IvanLaliashvili
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Megacity. Blender tutorial


Some of you my dear friends keep asking me -where is you tutorial man, or do you have gumroad videos dude? Finally - Yes, i have. Please your support and comments are welcome!
This is my full course about creating Megacity in Blender/Photoshop.

For more info or buy my course please visit:

What you'll get with this course:
- More than 4 hours of narrated videos describing whole process creating complex scenes in Blender/Photoshop
- All PSD.(layers) and PNG. files
- Blender files
- References and textures that i picked for this project.

Main topics:
- Sketch/Composition
- How and where to find right textures
- Modeling/Texturing (Blender)
- Creating a whole big scene
- Lighting in Eevee/Cycles
- Render passes

This course will be very helpful and easy to follow for the beginners. And i hope some advanced users of Blender might find something interesting too.
Thank you,

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i've actually dreamed of places similar to this, then wake up with my heart beating like a rabbit.:o

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Now, this is my sci fi, I love it!

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о божечки кошечки мамочки, простите что на русском, я не знаю инглиш лангуаге, но это так прекрасно

What a unique and different sci fi setting where instead the usual setting where the city stretches for miles, we see some greenery which in turn makes the front; also due to the structures; makes it look like a medieval setting which also contrasts the the dark Smokey city background greatly.

I enjoy this. What software would you recommend

Holy cow. The amount of work is crazy for a single image. Thanks for the video! Really nice end result!

Daniel-McKnight's avatar

I hope one day we can see a map of the city :)

This is so cool...

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Oh my :o

I do hope our cities will look like this in the future!!!!!

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This leaves me wondering if I need to be a designer or Syd Mead to pull off such lovely urbanized like landscape depiction

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That is incredible. Fantastic

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Fantastic work! Congrats on your much deserved, DD! :clap: !!!

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Excellent work! :thumbsup: ;)

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Ancient principles; new materials.

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You have inspired me, my friend. Currently I'm working on a city too. At least in my head, as I'm not a modeler.

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Impressive. :wow:A city in the form of a "man-made" mountain.

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Very powerful stuff

Nice nice. Nice

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Could you explain in one sentence how this is done? because i cant workout if its 3D modeling or hand drawn. I think its some kind of combination of the two. Also how many hrs of work does it take to produce it minus final polishing and tweaking?

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