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Dark Tower

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Darktower; inspired by Stephen King
Thank you all for your kind words, criticism and comments)))
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This looks awesome.
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Great action, colour, concept. Absolutely Vodka Brilliant. 
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The-Scarf-HuskyHobbyist General Artist
Camellia-Light It Up led me here.

Beautiful masterpiece :iconiwantitplz:
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McGillustratorProfessional Digital Artist
You've remembered the face of your father. Well done!
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing colors!
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contempDEVartHobbyist General Artist
all of your art is AMAZING!
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MardkProfessional General Artist
I love this
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wow, how the heck did you make this?
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Following now :D
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reZaWorhesProfessional Filmographer
Great! You have talent to create amazing fantasy worlds
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AysaikHobbyist General Artist
That's so beautiful. :)
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I love seeing these pictures it makes my imagination go wild.
SebIsMyName's avatar
I hope to see art like this in video games one day. Beautiful :)
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Feanor-the-DragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
And so... Child Roland to the Dark Tower came.

I haven't finished the series yet (still looking for a copy of "Wolves of the Calla") but this here is an absolutely epic rendering of pretty damn close to what I've imagined the Dark tower to look like.
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My God, this is stunning.  I absolutely love the colors and ..  pretty much everything about it.  Thanks for sharing this :)
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AprilMcGuire Digital Artist
Goddamn your art is beautiful.
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TwiggyStoneProfessional Filmographer
Woah. That's beautiful.
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SamctuaryHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really like your version from the Dark Tower! Beautiful colours and you have a great sense of depth :)
(Ps: MrSuicideSheep brought me here, the song ''Colours'' from ''King Dinosaur'' uses this!)
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RowanKeltizarHobbyist General Artist
This is a far cry from the text, but it's very lovely indeed! Colors and composition are amazing
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aftertaster7 Digital Artist
one of my favorite book series of all time, and look! There's Roland! :D
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BreathFluxStudent Digital Artist
Waaa amazing!!!
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Great look.I love the color palette. It really grabs the eye and leads it... 
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