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I think this is the same fantasy city that I painted recently….
But of course i decided to try a completely different technique. It was really interesting and fun.
A long time ago I was fond of something like this. I loved making collages using colored paper and cuttings from fashion magazines.
When I painted this work, I felt something similar.

Really hope that you like it!

And im so gratfull all of you for your kind words and comments.

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wow cool style, I love the look of the square brush you appear to have used :D
stripeycat's avatar
Do you use a Tablet for these digital paints? The brushmarks are superb.
MelodicChronic's avatar
Wow, gorgeous! Great work.
Ivan, I get teary eyes... goddamn Austrian authorities!!! This is absolutely stunning, my friend!
IvanLaliashvili's avatar
Really really thank you mate!!! Got a message like this cost a lot of for me)
Coffee2234's avatar
I love the feeling this conveys. Great job! 
dawnpu's avatar
The style has a  fashionable  feeling
Apartian's avatar
A bit of cubism with a lot of shaped details. As much color as it needs. Beautiful!
ironlotus's avatar
holy crap! this is so freakin' awesome!!
Denis-V's avatar
I like this version better because it has something in it.. Something like remembering something nice from the memory. :D
ChrisFernzz's avatar
Amazing, I love the mix of stylized yet very well structured at the same time, it's fantastic!
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TheOneWithBear's avatar
I love the colors you chose. The added blue hues in the buildings really bring the piece together. Nicely done!
joelduggan's avatar
It feels very direct... Intentional.

Was there a lot of back and forth? Or did you lay things down and move through the piece quickly?
nidhinm96's avatar
I don't know how to describe this picture. But the one thing that I am sure of is the fact that, this is simply fantastic and profound.
Keep going my friend, keep going.
JosianeFortin's avatar
woww so awesome. so much inspiration
Fundu's avatar
Amazing!!! <3
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Fr34kStyl3r's avatar
damn this is so epic, one of the best artworks i have seen in a whole month, seriously top-notch!!!
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