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Chinese street

Thank you all for your kind words, criticism and comments)))
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May I use this one on as well? Will give you credit of course!!
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This is beautiful...can I please use it for some edits?..I'll credit you in the description :D
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Beautiful color and lighting!  i love the storybook feel with the painterly depth.
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man, great work on light and atmosphere. This has a perfect mood, i realy dig your work. Keep up the good stuff!! 
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This Remind me of Alexandria Street!
amazing.  I love the crispness here.
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This is some amazing composition :clap:
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Really beautiful lighting :).
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THAT LANTERN!.....aosdfaFdflbkmasHdgb....and its light! is worth the favorite alone!  The rest of the sence is brilliant as well, of course.  Well done!
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Ваши работы чудесные!) Эта особенно запала в душу, хотя я все еще и не пересмотрела)
Приятный цвет и свет, а детальки можно рассматривать целую вечность! Спасибо за такой офигенный рисунок, вдохновляет ;)
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Beautiful work! What I find particularly interesting is that the viewer's focus shifts from the foreground lantern to the background light when it seems more plausible that one's eye would be directed to the former and the former only. This balance, along with the equal weight of positive and negative space, makes for a very nice, "centered" composition, in my eyes. Lovely piece!


- Mitch

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You're welcome!
Extremely striking use of colors and contrast - its one of the basics I know constantly challenges artists throughout their own lives nad yet you've also managed to use it to tell a story from corner to corner of this piece with seamless transition - my primary criticism is that the lighting in the very back, stretching left and down into the top left part of the shadow/darker area is too matte, it falls flat compared to the other half of the picture, from the chinese lanterns (esp blue), the cart, the flowers, the sunbeams, birds and alley gate, which are stunning and striking, full of depth and emotion. 

  Also, because its seamless, it may be a strength of this picture, but it also feels as though you've captured different times of the day, night, midday and morning in these vivid areas. I don't know if that's a good thing or not, but I like it in the way you've done it. There's potential here to be a little less cartoonish and very vibrant. I'd love to see it retouched up in the future, just to see what it would look like.
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Beautiful art! :)
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