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Magical Meeting

Well, this the "In The Winter" challenge at :iconmanipulatethis: Level 2 (I hope that I'm good for this level....)

You can pretty much convey the artwork any way you like, whether it being a magical meeting of 'winter' fairytale characters or the Snow Maiden and the Ice Queen 'bowing' to the Arctic animals, that are endangered in the wild.

The stock that I used:

(Required) Background: [link]

(Required) Ice Queen: [link]

Snow Maiden: [link]

Tiger: [link]

Tiger's crown: [link]

Polar bear: [link]

Polar bear's crown: [link]

Wolf: [link]

Wolf's crown: [link]

Arctic fox: [link]

Fox's tiara: [link]

Snowflake brushes: [link]

Cloud brushes used as snow: [link]

Well, this work isn't the best and it could be improved so critiques and comments are welcome!

EDIT: after reading :iconfantasim:'s critique on this, I got pointed out a flaw of leaving a dark outline that didn't blend in with neither the stock or the background, so I changed it...well at least I tried to change it...
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I like your idea and this is a good composition. I especially like the grouping of animals. This is obviously a fantasy scene because all of the animals wear a grown, and you chose a pose of the main model bowing, like she is giving respect to them all.

However, I do see a few minor flaws that all relate to the same problem.

Look at the left side of the little girl, there is a dark outline on the backside of her coat. You need to blend that out into the inside of the coat or into the background so that there is no dark line showing. the same occurs at the feet of the woman, and the fox. Your tiger, bear and coyote looks fine.

These corrections should be easy to do, even on your final image. But if you have been saving, I'd try it first on the previous version.

Good Luck!
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Thanks for the tip! (and the critique) Is it possible if I correct it and then put it up here as the final image for the challenge?
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Yes, you can make changes to it, but don't add another deviation to your gallery. Go to the original deviation and "Edit" it. That will give you a way to replace the original image without uploading a new one.
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*_________* IT'S BEAUTIFUL. :shocked: :heart:
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XD Thanks! I wish it were real with the animals wearing crowns and stuff ._.
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No worries:), lol so do I.. it would be beautiful. ._. :3
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Thanks, and for the fave too!
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Nice! I love that animals are kind kings. :)
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Congratulations! You're Pick Of The Week at #ManipulateThis!

You're invited to submit any one deviation from your gallery to be featured with the winning entries. Please make sure you write the words "Member's Choice at #ManipulateThis" in the Comments of that deviation so that I won't get confused when I get your deviation.

Again, congratulations, and I hope you're participating in the current challenge. :D
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So sweet. Nice work. :)
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Thank you for using my stock! A lovely winter scene :aww:
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Thanks and no problem!
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oooh! I rweally like this! awesome!!
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What a great choice of stock, all those animals in their winterfur, and so cute they were different crowns :)
Very nice image and I bet you had fun creating this :)
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Thanks and yes, I had lots of fun picking and choosing crowns and creating it..:D
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