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Mayan Future Gray 1

Part of a series that combines Mayan artistic influence and future technology.
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Where is the mayan stuff?
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Thank you!!! :hug:
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looks really cool man :)
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Thanks, spirit!
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I thought I didn't like futuristic or machine drawings, had to change my mind after seeing this, very smooth and nice-looking one :)
inthename's avatar
What a concept! It looks exactly how you describe! Great work here, very unique:D
felixthemushroom's avatar
i like this, reminds me of some giger stuff i have somewhere in one of my piles of, umm other stuff.
Itsuo's avatar
Wow, Im not sure how I missed this one, but I love it.
Great shading, love the whole look to it.
Awesome Job!
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Thanks. Glad you liked it!
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I absolutely love this! The shading is beautiful, great job!
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Great stuff ...
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Thank you! Appreciate the comment.
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as said. . . really well drawn :D i make it out to be a face. . . hmm :)
on the realism front: maybe try to make the lines even less obvious, technically this picture just rocks but. . .
yeah i dont like thick-ish lines, proboably more of a style complaint than anything else.
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You display some superior shading techniques in this. =) Great piece.
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OOoo! fantasticly drawn. you have real talent :nod:
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Hello, wickedchicken!
thanks for your comment. there's about 6 more in this series. If you'd like to see them, go to [link]

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