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Abstract Portrait

Abstract portrait.
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Awesome! I like it.

Sverretr's avatar

Powerfull-high contrast colours whit lovely defined areas. Good work =P

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Not exactly what I expected when I searched abstract, but it works.

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If I were to put together a band and release an album. I want you to do the cover. This is amazing.
mhullart's avatar
Great use of color and shapes. Also bold and use of contrast.
jc2390's avatar
I love how at first you don't know what it is and then you're forced to really see that it's a face.
SwordTiger8888's avatar
love the shapes and curves and colours!
roadsam's avatar

This is excellent. I love how some colors seem to flow through the canvas. Did you really use gravity to accomplish this? I want to recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso.

I see some graffiti elements in this one. So amazing.
PregoPaints's avatar
I really love this one. the shapes remind me of symbols/language
AngelasArtArea's avatar
The colors in this are outstanding!!! 
hellosur6464's avatar
I see a face in that abstract artwork
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I really like your painting, i especially like the range of different colors you used well done!
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Hi, can i show this work in my fan page about art and put the credits?
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celticdragonRmcC's avatar
Really like the way you have constructed this image :D
johnhmaloney's avatar
Great piece. I really love the colors and the concept. :)
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Hello, I'm very interested in your painting. It is AMAZING!I want to do it for my school project, well, I'll change it a little bit. My teacher wants to know what material did you paint this on, if it was painted on canvas, can you please tell me the size of the canvas? What year did you do this? Thanks.
thursdayman's avatar
Impressive. Very bold, very dramatic abstract.
Isiacc's avatar
that's pretty sweet. The colors against the black go so nicely. The shading of the colors also keeps me busy absorbing all the detail, then bringing it in to this obscure silhouette.
surrealistguitarist's avatar
So bold. The color works so well against the black. The Super geometrical patterns give an almost "industrial feel", but that is so well balance with the highly saturated color.
I love how the lines form a head and face :)
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