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im thanking this would work by the concept of something called shearing ammo where the mag holds ether liquid metal or a solid metal an on bored computer will see the target and ether shear off a cut or us magnets to pull the metal into place shape it and fire it so fast that it will take the shape of a dart or normal bullet the two barrels are to cut down on over heating from the use of rail gun tech  
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Also, I have no idea how this gun would work, though I know that on any rifle loading mechanism today, the magazine and breach can only be so farly separated without leading to mechanical faults. I'd integrate the magazine with the midgrip as supposed to the stock.

The stock looks very separable from the actual weapon, and therefore if the user were to adapt it for his/her ergonomic benefit and remove the stock, than they'd have no projectiles!

Especially on a double barrel weapon, there's got to be some mechanism to designate and chamber the rounds efficiently, automatically (being enclosed), and on a small scale judging by the structural implications.

So, yeah! Just my take on it. I'm studying electrical/mechanical engineering.
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But i think it might shoot pulses...
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Like, pulses of plasma? Having a magazine that's fashioned to load kinetic munitions would lead one to believe elseware.
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