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Unbroken Thread

There is an unbroken thread, which connects us to all of nature. Do you feel this connection?

Download includes up to 2560x1600, 2560x1440, and 1600x1200. Taken with Nikon D90 + 18-105VR + Polarizer.

This is Wedgemount Lake, located in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Beautiful British Columbia!

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the view is nice

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Ah, magnificent! Perfect place for swimming.:)
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If you don't mind zero degrees
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...Weeeeeeeeeeeell.Maybe I'm not.
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Might be my favorite landscape photo on the entire site... and that's saying a lot
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Unbelieveably beautiful... I wish I could see it by my own eyes Q___Q
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Beautiful shot! You must have a wonderful time traveling from place to place :)
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amazing shot its very detailed
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Great shot, love the moon in there as well.
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my new wallpaper <3
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super alien environment- i feel extraterrestrial vibes.
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A clear Horizont... ...

A small Piece of Mountain/Coast...

A pretty Piece, where the Water reaches the Beach...

And the Moon, halfway empty to the New Moon... ... :3

I can "feel" a little bit of Infinity and Eternity in this Picture ... :D

It's hard to take my Eyes from this wonderful Shot :D
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wow.. feels like a different time entirely before the human race.. :)
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I love the colour of the water.I love the sparse yet beautiful landscape. :)
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This is really gorgeous! I'm not sure about our unbroken thread unless it is in terms of our humanity. I know my old martial arts teacher used to think wimmins were closah to der earfz because of giving birth and the umbilical cord/placenta etc but to be honest I still don't quite understand or differentiate between the genders!!!!!

Yes your BC is beautiful! The lake looks the sort of 'molten' blue of a mountain or tropical lake which makes it really interesting as well. It looks a bit like a place I went to in a dream once, with the moon out like that. Aaaagh now it's messing with my mind and looking like a lunar landscape as a whole.
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You have some trippy dreams if they are in vivid color. This lake is good for a swim if you can handle zero degree water.

Are you Filipino?
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Haha I do have really bizarre dreams - but my favourite by far are the adventure story ones that are less visually spectacular, but I get to live out all sorts of badasseries through it :-) Ok, maybe I can't swim in it then :-( Why are all the most beautiful lakes the ones you just can't jump into (aka volcanic lakes!)

I am half filipina :-) It's nice actually, we pinoy have a really thriving community here on the dA!
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This is beautiful!
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The water is such an amazing color. I love the touch of the moon too! <3
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Yeap, Wedgemount lake is pure beauty. I'm planning to go there this summer and overnight, so I'll have sunset and sunrise shots of it hopefully sometime in July or August.
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The Moon, the sea, mountains.. Great !
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