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This shot is a part of the landscape calendar, which is now available! Go check it out :D

Our objective for the day was to get on top of Panorama Ridge (snow-capped mountain on the mid left) to view the lake from above, but we turned away due to some dangerous overhanging snow which looked like it could start an avalanche at any moment. Instead of not getting to see the lake at all, I decided to run there quickly which added about an hour to our trip. We were walking through the forest in the dark, but seeing the lake at near sunset was so worth it!

While the lake itself had ripples, the somewhat enclosed pool of water between the Battleship Islands and the shore was like a mirror.

Only 15 days earlier, this was still frozen -
Horseshoe Old by IvanAndreevich

Location: Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Equipment: Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm + Tiffen Polarizer.
Technique: Photomatix Pro 4.0 and Photoshop CS5 from 3 RAW exposures.
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Fraser River -
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Pacific Ocean -
Tangolunda Bay by IvanAndreevich Blissful Pacific by IvanAndreevich
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Aug 4, 2011, 6:25:25 PM
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Instantly you are sweped away to a fairy tale land of clear water beautiful mountains and light fluffy clouds.....

I love this deviation it really captures the beauty of the snow capped ridge. there is so much to look at in this picture however this is in a good way rather than it being to buissy all the reflections and hight give this picture real depth. on the other hand this would in my opioion look better with around 5cm tacken of the bottom to be cropped into a long rectangle to to focus mainly on the beautifyl backgroud rather than the shallows in which it would look better taken lower down. apart from this its a FANTASTIC piece of art and one i wish to replicate myself one day.

well done
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Friendly internet robot Mosobot64 here, and this time around we have a photo landscape of Garibaldi Lake, BC, by <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconivanandreevich:" title="IvanAndreevich"/>.

Instantly, the colours pop in this photo, and the perfect transcluscence of the lake perfectly reflect every element of the landscape, adding a unique sense of symmentry to the piece. The lake also shows, with a great deal of texture and detail, the rocks on the lake bed. You can practically feel the water of the lake around your ankles.

The photographer has also been able to capture the detail of the landscape to an unusual degree, especially for a colour landscape. You can make out each individual tree, however minute it is, on the mountain side. It's not mearely a big blod of green.

If any one element of this photo were blurred, it'd still be a good photo. A blur into the distance, and it'd be just another pretty landscape. But attention to detail and a great sense of composition bring this piece to greatness.

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Haha I don't know about "greatness", but it's definitely one of my best photos so far. The trees are indeed sharp, and I was actually surprised how sharp they were out the camera. RAW FTW, I guess.
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Good photography is good photography. It's really, really hard to get that degree of sharpness.
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So so beautiful! :-)
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Cool and Clean - Excell 
Gorgeous picture 
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Incredible shot and atmosphere!
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i'd love to swim n that =)
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If you've got the balls for 5C water, be my guest ;)
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The Reflections are fantastic!
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Yes,... serenity ...
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I would bring back tens of thousands of gallons of this stuff to shower in!
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I'm thankful for the overhanging snow - - otherwise we might have been able to see this simply AWESOME piece of work - - both by nature and you Ivan. (Always have a plan B right?)
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Beautiful.. Perfect :D
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Beautiful reflection!
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oh.xD it looks a lot like Norway.:3
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