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Saint Petersburg



My first ever visit to this awesome city. I'll be back ;)

Equipment: Nikon D90 + Nikkor 18-105mm VR
Resolutions: ≤ 2560x1600, ≤ 2560x1440
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Subjectы: Trinity Bridge over Neva River. Tall spire partially obstructing the sun is the Peter and Paul Cathedral, located in the Peter and Paul Fortress.

For me, this made lugging my D90 with me half way across the world officially worth it.

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Dear ivan,

your shot "Saint Peterburg" is something really unique in the sum of all the small perfectly fractions.

The whole picture would have been a nice black andwhite image too. The bricks in the front part of the bridge are clear defined and give a structure for the eye after it follows along the bridge with all its sharp and clear details.

The sunset in the top part of the shot is smooth and warm, like it should be. Although it has something diabolish, thats maybe because of the hard contrats from red tones and greys/blacks.

The clouds shimmer wonderfully and the position of the sun as part of the comosition simply fits good.

Intersting is the shilouette of the man sitting on the bridge, warming himself in the sunrays. If that was volitional or just on purpose is neglectible. Anway it is another point for the uniqueness.

Even the rightness of the sun drives the eye away to the left and let us capture the surrounding as a whole.

(This is the first critique i ever gave, so i recommend critique on my critique)