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Road to Happiness

The path to Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Park, Beautiful British Columbia! The isles of red are wild blueberry (heather) bushes. When you get there, you see west lake, and the east lake :)

Download is up to 2560x1600, and 2560x1440.
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noodle21000's avatar
i bet theirs a strip club at the end
Quattrophobia's avatar
Man Canada always has such amazing spots for photographers, love the shot
Rafa9000's avatar
Amazing photo!! O_O
carlos170691's avatar
such a beautiful landscape..
Lanceat1tin's avatar
Awesome country, makes me want to go hiking.
Toriphilewill's avatar
I love the detail. Very sharp and you have created a nice scene here. The trees to the left, trail to the right, and mountains up top frame this photo nicely.
danUK86's avatar
wonderful scene :nod:
NicolasAlexanderOtto's avatar
Pretty awesome.But some minor sharpening wouldn't be bad, looks like your lens tends to have some CA and blur towards the corners.
IvanAndreevich's avatar
This is shot on the D90, so chromatic aberration is corrected automatically. Yes, it's a cheap lens (18-105VR), but obviously the softness on the right is because of the depth of field and the focus point being much farther in the distance:) The image was sharpened, but I don't want to over sharpen it. The better thing to do would have been to shoot it at f/11 instead of f/8 to get an even greater depth of field.
NicolasAlexanderOtto's avatar
Hm, actually f/8 should've been ok. Guess though that you're right doesn't seem to be CA if the D90s CA correction works as good as I've read it is. Either way the scenery is mindblasting. ;)
will032890's avatar
I love living by the ocean but MAN! do I wish I had some mountains, I have always loved being in the mountains when I can. This is an amazing shot
OursonMagique's avatar
Very beautiful landscape. =D
Kalliroe's avatar
Wow, it'd be a nice postcard:D
IvanAndreevich's avatar
Feel free to print it, if you want :)
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