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This shot is a part of the landscape calendar, which is now available! Go check it out :D

This is one of the most interesting ways I've ever seen water look. Let me explain how it managed to be five distinct colours at once. The sun is behind me on the left, and it's about 1 hour before sunset.

1) The green area on the left is shallow, and is colored primarily by the reflection of the pine trees on the slope along with the light reflecting off the bottom covered with silt.
2) The yellow spot just below (1) is a decaying tree on the bottom.
3) The red foreground is just the red rocks being lit up by the late sun.
4) The blue area towards top right is the reflection of the clear sky.
5) The purple area between (3) and (4) is a combination of those two.

Location: Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.
Equipment: Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm + Tiffen Polarizer.
Processing: Photomatix Pro 4.1 and Photoshop CS5 from 3 RAW exposures.
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Fraser river sunsets -
Reaching Out by IvanAndreevich Fraser Ink by IvanAndreevich

BC Lakes (two of the below taken on the same day) -
Whisper by IvanAndreevich Between by IvanAndreevich
Serenity by IvanAndreevich Emerald by IvanAndreevich
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THIS, my good man, is exactly how HDR photography is supposed to look like. Nothing in excess, nothing too overdramatic - it's just all natural and it looks amazing. I love the composition - how there are three solid parts that make out the photo (the trees, the mountains and the water). You have done a great job on this and I can't do anything but to give you pretty much top ratings. Personally I probably would've toned down the green parts of the water juuuuust a bit, but other than that - fantastic job. Looking forward to see more photos from you.
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Thanks for explaining. It looks most artistic.
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Amazing colors!
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ten stars no questions about it...
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do you take the three shots at different intervals or simultaneously? 
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Wonderful and realistic, like me, in Montenegro, peace and nature.
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Someone put this on 9Gag without credit. Here you go, good sir.
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Please tell me you drank some of that :eager:
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Awe, you're just saying that :( Can you video tape yourself drinking some of that sexy, sexy water?
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Truly amazing!
Proud to be a British Columbian.
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Beautiful colors, nice work :)
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can't stop looking at your photos they are all magnificent!
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This makes me think of Tom Cross's art, you should definitely check it out :)
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Looked at some of it, but didn't notice the resemblance. Both surreal, I guess.
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Wow the water is so clear! This is an awesome photo.
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The result is awesome! very very impressive!!!
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