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I think it's curious how different of a photo you can get in the same place, at the same time, simply by framing it differently :)

Download includes up to 2560x1600, 2560x1440, and 1600x1200.

Location: Garibaldi Lake, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Beautiful British Columbia.
Equipment: Nikon D90 + Tokina 11-16mm.

Edit: re-processed August 2011. New version is much better :)
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The whole picture is stunning and the reflections in the lake are marvelous :love:
KittyDarklore's avatar
Your photos are so cool
desitomcruise's avatar
Beautiful still water and reflections :)
An-Epitaph-To-Truth's avatar
This looks so serene and beautiful :)
FlorianMatthes's avatar
sehr schön und so klar!!!
Ra1nDanc3r's avatar
how beautiful!!!!!!!!!
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I totally love these photos. Very emotive; I can see I am going to have to visit British Columbia, Garibaldi Provincial park: and I'll definately be taking a good digital SLR with me!!
lizzy5651119's avatar
i wish i was there :iconwishplz:
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These pics are sooo relaxing!!!
thefantasyfreak's avatar
The water is so remarkably clear! :wow: I love it!
IvanAndreevich's avatar
Nothing to pollute it
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These photos are definitely some of the best I've ever seen. You really have a serious talent.
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wow is so beautiful!
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This picture makes me feel so serene...
xSharkiex's avatar
Beautiful! Simply breath taking!
Frencifry's avatar
these shots are simply really know how to capture the beautiful essence of mother nature<3
SethTheHero17's avatar
Ah, sweet! Great shot. ;)
GFB82's avatar
I am also into Landscape work, please dont take this the wrong way but are any of ya pix photoshopped? eitherway they are AMAZING where did u take most of em???
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Love all your photos... it's breathtaking! Contemplating in buying the Tokina 11-16mm. Do you recommend it over Nikkor, Sigma or Tamron?
IvanAndreevich's avatar
Sigma 8-16 is where it's at right now, I think
jayars's avatar
OK thanks. I will look at it. The Tokina 11-16mm sells for $719 now.
IvanAndreevich's avatar
That's expensive. I got mine for $500 barely used.
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