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OLD Definitions of Nature 5120

Dual 30" version of [link]

Please do NOT favorite here.

New version:
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Hello, is there any higher resolution version of this image available? my desktop res is 5000 x 1920. thank yoiu so much. also if there is a higher quality .tiff version or similar? THANK YOU SO MUCH
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How do you get a resolution like that? 4800x1920 I can understand via 4 monitors in portrait mode :)
3 monitors:

left: hp 24" IPS 1920x1200 in portrait

centre: hp 30" IPS 2560x1600 in landscape

right: hp 24" IPS 1920x1200 in portrait

total desktop res: 4960 x1920.

all on a triple monitor stand


i am an industrial design student with a monitor fettish :D

what is the ORIGINAL image's full resolution mate?
ie: the raw stitched together image without conversion to jepg or cropping or resizing?

i can do the resizing on ps (im pro at ps :D)

i would SOOOOOO appreciate it (and love you forever) if you were able to share with me the original image as i plan to use it permanenetly as my desktop background as i have never seen any image as perfect as this and ive been lookign for years!!!!!!

please let me know what you think :D


warm regards,

just wondering if you got my last message? any news on if this is possible please?


BTW, it is an incredible photo, perhaps the single best landscape photo i have ever seen in my life and i want to enjoy it in its full glory every day :D.

maybe if you have the original resolution file (before jpeg compression or resizing) as there are some artifacs from the jpeg conversion / rescaling.